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  • creating patterns

    how do u create a pattern from a picture?
    it doesn't really matter to me whether its on the computer or tracing it?

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    There is tons of software out there to do it.
    I like me on a pumkin It is inexpensive.
    It also alows you to see pieces that are "floating" or will drop out of the picture if you cut it.

    Some use Corel Draw, some use Paint Shop some use Gimp.

    I have had success with software from Serif. I load the picture up and trace over it.

    There are some great sites out there which will help you in this too.
    I am sure someone will post one of them for you.
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      ultimately it has to come down to handwork. Deciding which detail contributes to the picture and which detracts from it is something a program can't (yet) do. The computer can give you a head start and in a sense help to overcome the initial hump of figuring out where to start, but once you get used to it, a pencil is more effective than a mouse if what you want is marks on paper. As I get more confident about it, I do more and more of my design work without the computer.


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