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  • CanadianScroller
    if a blade is too tight it will fail prematurely. As for the tight turns, you need to let the saw catch up. No pressure on the blade. Then make your turn. Cut slowly. Sharp blades are a must. A steady pressure while advancing the cut is also important.
    If you don`t take the forward pressure off the cut just before you make the turn the center of the blade can lag or wow, causing that dished look.

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  • 4whlstee-er
    started a topic in compound sawing

    in compound sawing

    am making scroll sawed chess pieces, (from Diana Thompsons book) what I'd like to know is whether or not there is such a thing as "Too tight" blade tension! I would have guessed that as long as the blade can take it, there would abe NO such thing as too much tension! AM at a loss as to why I am getting little troughs or the opposite when I make just some of the particular tight turns?

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  • Eugene Downes
    Reply to Stack Cutting
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    I had considered useing a hot glue gun but I like to be able to reuse some of the bigger waste pieces. Also when I use brads and they extend through the bottom piece I am always carefull to take a small hammer and tap the points back up flush with the bottom piece so I do not scratch the table.
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  • wjbclocks1
    Reply to Stack Cutting
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    I use a hot glue gun. all around the edges, No chance of scrathing thhe table/
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  • Rolf
    Reply to Stack Cutting
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    I use a pin nailer in the waste areas. The brad and pin nail guns are a wonderful thing.
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