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  • Dewalt DW788

    Hi guys.....Supertaz strikes again !!

    the deal on the Delta did not worked.....I found a new Dewalt DW788 that may have a good deal on it......

    Any words on it ? What should be the max $ to be paid for it ?

    Thanks again,
    I'm a french canadian newbie ....please be patient

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    Oue, I had a Delta SS250 and now I have a DeWalt 788. It's 10 times better than the Delta and I'm sure there are better saws out there, but for the money it is very good. If you do get the DeWalt get also the stand I did and glad because it is a big saw and would not have fit on by workbench very well. I got the easy lift for it as well.

    About how much you should pay. I have no idea how much they are in Canada, but here in the US it runs aorund $400 but you can get them for less on-line. I got mine on Ubid for just over $300.

    I hope this helps some.

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      When I got mine almost 2 years ago on Amazon, they were $399.00 with a suggested retail of $960.00. That was with the stand and light. The last time I looked, they were betwen $450.00 and $500.00 for the same setup.

      There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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        At the travelling manufacturers' woodworking shows (they come to the Chicago area twice each year), the DeWalt folks offer the 788 with light and stand for $429. I don't know about Canada either, but you should be able to get a little better converted price than that over the intertnet. Just enter "DeWalt Scroll Saw" into Google.

        Have phun...



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          You cant go wrong with a dewalt! try getting one from toolking ,they sell a refur dewalt,with the waranty as if a new one,and most are new saws anyways.If not,you should be able to pick one up,complete with a stand for it new for under $450 . It will be money well spent!
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            hay taz I got mine from homehardware $620


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              I got Woodcraft flier the other day, Saw, Stand and light $450.00 after $50.00 rebate.

              There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                The Dewalt saw is still one of the best mid range priced saws on the market today. Even though they are no longer made in Canada the reputation preceeds them. This is the saw I try to get begginers to look at right from the get go. Very easy to use. Very adaptable for add-ons, Quiet, smooth running and blade changing is very easy. These are the main things to look for in a scrollsaw. I am not going to get into other starter saws because they have their place but for the money and aggrevation you will not be disappointed. Good luck with your search and $400 is the going price.
                John T.


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                  Delta Q3

                  Strike 2....

                  somebody was faster or offer more than me on the deal.....
                  So no more Dewalt for now......

                  Another ad shows a Delta Q3 with graphite arm to reduce vibration.

                  Anyone has experience with it ?
                  I'm a french canadian newbie ....please be patient


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                    Supertaz, check out before buying the Delta Q3. Seems to me that I read that the Q3 is a very aggressive saw. Delta discontinued this saw I believe. The P-20 replaced it which sells for around $489. US. Mick.
                    Mick, - Delta P-20

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                      Do Not buy the Q-3. It is a C arm with a lot of front to back movent. That is why it is so aggressive. Cutting 1/2" to 3/4" thick wood or stack cutting, the bottom never looks like the top.
                      I had one for a few years.
                      Mike M
                      SD Mike


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                        I have a P-20 and a Q3. I use the P-20 most of the time but I still use the Q3 on thin wood and will use it until it falls apart. You can still get some of the parts for the Q3 but not all of them. The only way I would buy one is if they were just about giving it away. The P-20 is a much better saw.

                        Delta P-20 & Q-3

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                          To me the Q3 is the best saw ever made. I do 90% of my cutting on the Q3. I have designed and made 6 wood gear clocks, done thousands of stack cut ornaments, cut 64 peice puzzles in a 1" X 1" size and many many other projects. It will do anything any of the the other saws will do.
                          The comments I hear on it will not stack cut and not cut thick wood I have never found to be true once you set the table to the blade like you have to do on any saw.
                          Most of the bad comments about the C arm saws are from people who never learned to set them and use them right. When I was cutting crafts for profit, the C arm would cut about 40% faster than the other types of saws.
                          I have 3 of the newer style Q3 and 2 of the older style, so I hope they will last me the rest of my scrolling life. I also have many other major brands of saws: Dewalt, Hegner, RBI, Excalibar, Eclipse, and over 170 antique saws. So I do have a big selection of what I can use to cut on, but still use the Q3.
                          Rick Hutcheson


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                            The question was: "Another ad shows a Delta Q3 with graphite arm to reduce vibration".
                            I don't mind that you disagree with me how good or bad the Q-3 is but I think he was looking if he sould buy it.
                            The saw and parts are not made anymore. Would you recommend that he should buy the Q-3 anyway?

                            I still tell him not to buy it. If any thing goes wrong, he has a saw what he can not use anymore.

                            Mike M
                            SD Mike


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                              I agree with 3_M ...If it's an obsolete saw, I'd prefer not to buy it.

                              I appreciate your valuable comments !
                              I'm a french canadian newbie ....please be patient


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