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Need info on Delta 2000

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  • Need info on Delta 2000

    Hi everybody,

    I may have an opportunity to buy my first scroll saw which is a Delta 2000.

    Anybody knows something on it ?

    What should I look for if I want to buy a second hand saw ?

    I want to use it for hobby only.

    Thanks !
    I'm a french canadian newbie ....please be patient

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    welcome to the forum

    Welcome Supertaz. Always great to see a fellow Canadian on the forum

    I am not sure of the model 2000.
    I think Canadian Tire carried a 16" Delta saw with a series 2000 logo on the side. It had a lifetime warranty.
    I have had an older model of Delta for years and find it a very serviceable machine.
    Delta has a superior blade clamping system which is great for doing lots of inside cuts.
    I would get a saw which takes pinless blades. This allows more cutting possibilities.
    You can find lots of saws that will suite your needs. SSW has a great article on scroll saw selection. Just click on the link.

    You will find lots of other opinions on which saw is best suited for which need.
    If you have any questions you can email me.
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Supertaz, can't say that I ever heard of a Delta 2000, must be an old one. There is a 250, 350 and P-20. Check with Look for a saw that does not vibrate and walk across the floor when turned on. You also want the tension lever and the on-off switch up in front. The blade clamps should be tool free. Most older Deltas you have a special tool to loosen and tighten the blade. Good luck with whichever saw you choose. Mick.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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        Thanks for the tips...

        Is it essential to have a light attached to the saw or very good lighting in the room will do it ??
        I'm a french canadian newbie ....please be patient


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          Very good lighting in the room, or a high-intensity lamp next to the saw might even be preferable to a light attached to the saw. My attached light keeps burning out bulbs: I can't imagine the vibration does the filaments any good, even though my saw doesn't have bad vibration. The only problem with a non attached lamp near the saw is that the stem can get in the way of large pieces of lumber swinging around as you cut. I have that problem, so i stick with the attached light.


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