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  • Delta SS250?

    Am getting impaitient to get back into scrolling. As I stated in another thread,I have every intent to get an RBI saw.
    But was in Sears tonight and they have an SS250 for just $89.
    I have long thought their blade clamp system was very good.
    Since my wife enjoys scrolling too, it is likely that I`ll need two saws anyway.
    What are your thoughts on this saw?
    On a side note, I have been wondering about building a stand, with a 2" thick box of MDF and filling the box with sand as a vibration dampener to bolt the saw to.
    Any ideas as to how that would work?

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    I have not been scrolling very long so I am no expert,but I have learned a
    lot about scrolling with this little saw. I learned I like scrolling on it and have
    had very little problems with it.I hope some day to buy a mid-range saw
    but until I scroll more I'll keep this one.
    Delta P-20


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      I just started scrolling with the 250 a couple days ago after getting it back from the shop. Be sure that you oil the pivot points. Take the cover plate off and while they are hard to see, there are oil holes just above the pivots (2). Mine was bone dry when I got it. While saw is somewhat noisy, it isn't a bad entry saw to learn on.


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        hay silver how do you like the delta compared to the old one .


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          I have a SS250 I got it a Sears and paid the same. I got because of the price and I wanted to be sure I would like scroll sawing, and I do love it. I am looking at a DeWalt 788. There are a few things you will have to keep in mind if you buy the Delta. As Silver_Sliver said you have to keep after oiling the pivot points and keeping the pivot bolts greased (about every 20 hours of sawing). Also, there is a problem with the upper arm with the grommet under where blade tension is. My upper arm broke at that point. Sears fixed it free under the Warranty. From what I understand, this brakeage occurred when the grommet gets warn out or too flat so when you put tension on the blade the upper arm brakes. Just check the grommet and keep spares on hand. I would suggest you go ahead and buy the RBI as your main fret saw, tho.

          In my oppion if someone wants to try scroll sawing and can use a saw to see if he likes it then he should at least start out with the DeWalt price saw. They will be happier in the long run.

          Well I have rambled on enough.


          My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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            Originally posted by jimp11
            hay silver how do you like the delta compared to the old one .
            As I said, it is somewhat noisy but the blade clamp is not too bad. I really like the blade clamp on the Ryobi 18 inch. I looked at the Ryobi 16 inch but that is a poor second. I just cut a trivet with 140 inside cuts out of 1/2 inch corian. The motor was warm but not hot. I never noticed that on the Ryobi or the Hegner I borrowed for a couple weeks. I am glad to hear about the grommet on the tension lever. I noticed that it is getting somewhat deformed. Guess I will have to order a spare or two. My only concern about either is how durable they are.


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              Hey Guys!

              I went out and bought the SS250 Friday.
              I had scrolled with a 2 speed Dremel for about 3 yrs so had a pretty good idea what I was getting into buying a $100 saw.
              I don`t expect it to be in the same class as a $500-1000 machine.
              But from my initial tests it`s not too bad.
              I tried it for an hour yesterday with the smallest blade I had on hand #2 and it cut very well,(straight, square, tight curves with no breakage).
              All in all, I think a good value under $100.
              With a little practice, it should do an adequate job until I can get the RBI.
              And then It will be fine as a backup and to teach my grandkids.


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                Good price for the saw Jim. How long before you will get the RBI? Have you used one of the RBI's yet?



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                  Good Question Corey! Wife was a little surprized to see the delta on my bench, since she expected me to have already ordered the RBI.
                  I am still debating when to jump. Was going to wait but may download the credit App this afternoon.
                  I got to run one at the State Fair in August and have to have one.
                  After trying it nothing else will do.
                  If I had not bought $400 worth of fencing the day before, I would have bought it then. The fence is done so I can think about other things.

                  I have a friend in town that has had one on his front porch for a year and not taken out of the box. He says he`s waiting till his shop is finished.
                  I offered to set it up in my garage and he could come try it when he wanted to. I just don`t understand why it`s still on his porch(GRIN).


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