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  • dremal scroll station 1800

    Does any body have or have used the new dremal scroll station? I`am looking to get a saw and I need your input. I`ve heard alot about the dewalt but there is no where around here to take a look at one. I found one of these dremel saws at the local home depot it doesn`t look bad but how does it compare with what`s out there?
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    Wood twister

    I never used the 1800
    but did buy the 1680 the $100.00 lesser modle, which was my deciding factor, About 8 months ago,
    sometimes i wish i had the dremel 1800 scrollstation for the sander easily at hand,

    Although i am very happy with the 1680 scrollsaw i have it works for my purpose, the design difference between 1680 and 1800 is the sanding attachment and the flex shaft which dosent exist on mine,,,

    slight differences the 1800 top arm housing is shorter than the 1680 where the controlls are and the flip over type blade tentioner is located in the front on the 1800.
    the tentioner is located in the rear on my 1680... my light is pretty much stationary like a sewing mchiene, where the 1800 has a bright flexable led light, which i think would have to be an improvement to chase them shadows off the cut lines

    my saw dose knock when cutting hard thick wood, 2" oak/maple but only then, maybe i can adjust it out, but the vibaration at higher speeds wont allow you to use the saw table as a tool rest on the saw came with a 4 legged saw table,
    but its not smooth as a heniger...

    some thoughts i had of caution on the 1800.. and something i didnt check out.?
    is it possible to disengage the sanding /flex dremel attachment from the saw, due to the scrollsaw blade running while your using the sander or flex dremel tool.. or visa versa?
    i could defignately see a possible accident if it wouldnt disengage...
    Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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      If your budget will allow it, most definitely go for the Dewalt - in this case it is really "you get what you pay for". There are folks out there using the Dremel for high quality work, but they have had to learn work-arounds for the drawbacks - especially the vibration. And if the Dremel is the limit of the budget - then it is OK too, far better than a Harbor Freight, for instance.
      You will appreciate the quality workmanship of a higher end saw if you use it much, or try to push it to its (and your) limits. Try to search the internet for the best price - often there is free shipping for that large a purchase. You may also be able to locate one that has been factory reconditioned - the prices are good, the warranty is good, and the quality is reputed to be even better than brand new, since they undergo a rigorous check-up.
      Let us know which one you choose, and have fun, whatever you choose!



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        I can`t comment on the scroll station.
        My first saw was a 16" 2 speed Dremel and it was a good starter saw.
        I did some pretty fair work on it for about 3 years. And learned that I really enjoy scrolling.
        Unfortunately one day I went out and hit the switch and nothing happened.
        A friend who is a retired robotics electrician tore it down and the armature was toast. Hope they have better motors now.


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          Dremel 1800

          I have always been a Dewalt fan. Though i just purchased a reconditioned Dremel 1800 off of Ebay from Tool King. It would of cost me $261 w/tax at the home depot and i got this shipped for $170. I'll let you know how I like it.



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            I just got my DeWalt and stand (be sure you get the stand,as well). I found that I can cut more accurate and faster than my old saw, which was a Delta SS250. I really love it. I just wish I would have bought a DeWalt the first time.


            My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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