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    I `am new to this hobby and to this site. i guess my question is whats a good saw to start with under five hundred dollars or is this dollar amount to small?

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    Under 500

    Well 500 is not too low at all. I know I will get some comments on this
    Get the Dewalt.
    In Canada the Dewalt is around $699. with a stand.
    In the US it is much less. I havent heard any complaints about it.
    I use a Delta and a Ryobi, both under $300.
    But then again I don't have lots of money,
    I only cut for a hobby and enjoyment,
    I love to use BC softwood.
    and I am CANADIAN

    anyone up for a beer?
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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      You can find the DeWalt (which is surely your best buy at that price) for just over $400 including the light and stand. Do a thorough search on the internet and you should find it, deliverable quickly with minimum shipping charge, (which always amazes me cause the darn thing is heavy).

      I've used my DeWalt heavily for almost nine years now and have the feeling that I perhaps should buy another because it's bound to wear out sometime, isn't it?

      On the other hand, if you're just getting started and want to test whether this is a hobby you will like, you can buy a name brand variable speed scroll saw that takes straight-end blades at your neighborhood store for around $100.

      Good luck....and have phun....



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        Originally posted by CanadianScroller
        Well 500 is not too low at all. I know I will get some comments on this
        Get the Dewalt.
        Well Carl I have to hand it to you, you finally gave some good advice about a buying a good scrollsaw . Things are looking up.
        John T.


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          There are some suppliers that carry refurbished DeWalts . Some say that they are better than one off the production line because instead of a quick spot check on maybe one in ten or so they are ones that have been returned for some little problem and then they are thoroughly gone over to make sure it is right to be sent out the second time. Someone here may have a link to where to get a refurbished one at a big saving. The only difference with it apart from looking like an original brand new will be that they have added a 'R' at the end of the serial number.
          Good luck.


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            Howdy, Twister. I'm new to the hobby myself, and just got my saw. I went with the Dewalt, due mostly to the recommendations of the folks on this board. I haven't gotten a chance to use it much, just a couple of practice runs. Today I finally got to cut out my first pattern, the butterfly from John Nelson's book (also highly recommended).


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