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Newbie, Nantucket Lighthouse questions??

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  • Newbie, Nantucket Lighthouse questions??

    Hi guys/gals I'm new to scrolling, I found the plans for the nantucket lighthouse off the mothersite. could anyone point me in the directions to a site that would tell me the method for following a plan such as that? I would assume the whole piece would be cut from one piece of wood, then diced up into the individual pieces? the pieces are numbered, is that the order in which to dice the whole piece up? what do the arrows and circled letters signify??

    Thanks for your time

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    Help is all around

    I am not sure of the pattern you are using. I think it may be from a competitors magazine. But the circles with the arrows indicate the direction of the grain in the wood you are using.
    It sounds like an intarsia project. If that is the case the pieces are cut individually from many pieces of wood and assembled like a puzzle.
    There are lots of intarsia threads on the board just do a search and you will get tons of help. Past issues of Scroll Saw Workshop also have tips
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      Canadian Scroller, here is the link to the project in question: It was in the free scroll patterns section:

      nantucket Lighthouse

      Is that an "intarsia" project? I am going to do some searching and googling and see what I can learn.

      Thanks for your time



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        I dont remember where that pdf file came from but best i remember the instructions was the circled letters were diffrent colors\species of wood.

        the numbers were the sequence of cutting-fitting-assembly.
        fractions were indicators of thickness of material to give 3d effects
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          Just took a look at the pattern and yes this is an intarsia pattern, The large numbers are not necessarily a cutting order as much as a means to tell which peice goes where after cutting, (number each peice when cut and refer back to a copy of the pattern to tell where it goes when assembling). The arrows indicate the grain direction of the wood. The fractions indicate how much you would raise the piece (using plywood or other correct thickness wood) in order to give the picture depth, after raising you may want to shape raised peices by sanding a little. In this case as indicated on the pattern the orange lines are wood burned in however you could also use a small grinder to get a similar affect. The circled letters normally would be a recommedation for wood color:

          D- dark wood
          MD- medium dark wood
          M- medium wood
          ML- medium light wood
          L- light wood
          W- white wood.

          Of course you could always stain for color variation also.
          I am not sure what the letters in the pattern indicate unless they are recommending specific types of wood for color variation, (or maybe specific stains). If you can find the original pattern there might be a legand with it, indicating what they mean in this case.
          You could use this pattern as a segmentation project by placing it on one piece of wood and cutting out without concern to grain direction and staining. Hope this helps a little, if I confused you let me know I will try to clear things up.

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