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  • Tools for scrolling

    Besides having a scroll saw, maybe a magnifier, some way of sanding your work and a drill to make starter holes, what other tools do you think a novice should pick up.

    I am thinking in terms of rulers, protractors, riffle files etc.
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    Angle guages for accurate measurement of angles, emery boards for fine filing/sanding, perhaps even a tack cloth to clean the work.

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      Table saw and a thickness planner.

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        All the tools you mentioned can get a scrollsawn project done. You can always buy dimentioned lumber and copying a pattern and pasting it on is simple enough. I think if I were to tell a beginner some of the most important tools would be " PATIENCE ", good work habits, and the will to learn are important tools to successful and enjoyable scrolling.
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          You forgot sawblades Carl!

          I use my 9" bandsaw more than my table saw, too much wood stacked on the table saw! I have a Performax 10-20 drum sander, Craftsman 4X36 belt sander, Ryobi oscillating spindle sander, 1" Grizzly belt sander, B&D palm sander and an Electrofile sander with all the files.

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            How useful is the elecrofile. I have looked at them a time or two myself.



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              I have to say that if you use the correct blade for the material at the correct speed you really dont need to sand much.
              Sand the work on all sides before scrolling, use reverse cut teeth if you need a sharp bottom edge, take it slow and enjoy.
              That being said if you need to touch up inside a fretwork piece, ie. it was broken and repaired, or you end up with rough spots where you start and stop a cut, or get interrupted while cutting a long inside line, I bet the tool would come in real handy.

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              "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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                Two of my most useful tools aren't available in the shops - I made them myself.

                First, I took a broken saw blade and glued it into a piece of wood which acts as a handle. Whenever I'm scrolling and the pattern starts to lift around the blade, I hold it in place with this tool without risking injury to my fingers. I also use it to poke little pieces of wood out when they get jammed whilst being cut.

                Secondly, I've got an oak off-cut which tapers to a point. This is quite a useful scraper for a variety of purposes, primarily when little pieces of pattern paper fail to peel off and stick to the wood .

                I also find my Dremel multi-tool indispensable. Not only is it useful as a drill, but it's great for rounding over segmented work too.

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                  I bought the Electrofile when I had my old Delta saw. It's a great little tool for cleaning up inside cuts and especially tight corners. I don't use it as much as I used to since I bought the DeWalt, but it's great on Baltic Birch. If your one of those people who has trouble following the lines and you back up to get back on track, it cleans up those marks too.
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                  There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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