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  • Lack of space!!

    I'm mega-ultra-new to scroll sawing. Too much preliminary info to tell in this forum. What do you do when the space you have does not meet your needs? I bought a SmartShed from Sam's Club. Has enough space but no heating or cooling? A larger storage shed is too costly. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    Grampa Tuck

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    No suggestions, but welcome to the club. I filled the garage, decked in the attic, and built a shed which is full to the tippy top. Am now working on the yard (drive way is full).


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      More important than space

      I think an understanding spouse is more important than space.
      All you need for space is a small table and somewhere to store the wood.
      If you get your wood in bulk, then I guess space is important.

      The understanding spouse is required when combatting sawdust. You can even scroll in the kitchen if your spouse is cool with it.
      Mine is great, but I havent been able to convince her to scroll in the livingroom.
      Something about the carpets
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        Grampa, welcome to the forum. I just have a small room in my basement, I see you are from Fla. and probably do not have a basement. Doesn't really take that much space to operate a scroll saw. Have fun with it wherever you decide to use it. Mick.
        Mick, - Delta P-20

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          hope this helps

          You sound like a man that is going to have a ball once you get started ..I use to (many years ago ) have a small tin shed I cleaned out and made my first workshop--had electricty but that was all -- in winter I pluged in a electric heater and in the summer time i kept the door opened and used a fan in the window - worked good enough to make me happily working away.. I then got a screened in back porch to work in -- worked okay there too but I was diganosed with MS and stopped working for a while -- then when I started up again I had moved and put my shop in the den - it is now my living room. it was neat because I had accesss to everything - frige, potty, and heat and air..then I got down with cancer and stopped again - well 5 years later I am sawying again..In my sewing room - which was originally a living room .. now I have my sewing room in a spare bedroom and all my saws and drills and sanders -- everything --- in my " PLAY PEN" I am happier here than a tick at a blood bank. I have my computer here and even a tv ..Just rember to use the shop vac once in a while to keep the dust down to a minimal == I have everything so I can use my tools from my wheel chair so it is really handy for me .. The hours I spend in here doing my thing is far happier than if I was sitting doing the "resting" thing.. And it has made me happier and my doctor said she never saw anyone come to such fast recovery as I have since I started my wood again.. So keep in mind your hobby is only as large as your imagination ..... HAPPY SAWING


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            I'm not familiar with a Smartshed. Depending on the sq. ft. of the building and whether it's wired for electricity, have you considered a small space heater for the cooler months and cutting a hole in the wall for a window a/c unit for warmer days. Just a thought.


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              I also have a shed.I bought the ultra big max from home depot.Orig.for storage.After it was up I seen a I am also in fla so I cut a hole in the side,Put a 12000 btu AC in and put ridged insulation on the "ceiling".I turn it on when i get home from work and in 15 or 20 mins Its cool enough to work.After all this A hobby for me and I didnt see it as fun sitting in that shed @ 110 deg's.trying not to drip on my work.I am very new to scroll sawing and so far I am having a blast.


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                Lack of Space!!

                Thanks to all who have responded thus far. I appreciate your remarks which are actually words of encouragement. I couldn't help but chuckle a few times too. My SmartShed is about 6 x 8 or so. No electricity but it has a double front entrance door with 4 single side entry doors. It has a "bay" area with a small window which cannot be temporarily removed. It's there to stay unless I cut it out....then it's out. The hole wouldn't be the right dimensions for an AC unit if I did. My scrollsaw is on a stand in the "bay" area. I have a bunch of other woodworking related tools in there as well along with some supplies. But I also have a bunch of stuff in there that was under my King Canopy that Hurricane Dennis all but blew away. So, I guess you can understand my dilemma. Our house is a 4BR MH with a dining room. We sleep in the MBR of course. The gramkids sleep in one of the other BRs, one is for other guests whenever they decide to visit, and the last one is full of Peggy's sewing stuff. She does machine embroidery among other crafting stuff. The dining room is basically a storage room for all of the Christmas stuff and anything else that couldn't go under the King Canopy. We have a "sitting" room adjacent to the MBR which we use for our computer room/office/library. Anyhow, that's my story so far. Maybe more later. Thanks again for your help.


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                  Your shed sit up is like my " first " shop ... Now just keep in mine to run a couple of heavy duty extention cords from the house -carefull not to overload-- sit you up a fan and saw till you can't see for the fire flies --humm maybe they'll give you a little more light -lol... just use heavy plastic--- I used old table cloths - to cover the big tools outside and have a blast -- you get busy the heat wont bother you as bad -- believe me Texas does get HOT......


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                    Plain_Ol_Ed has it right! I started woodworking in my livingroom, moved into one of the bedrooms and then lost interest. Got remarried and built a garage and got back into woodworking again. Started taking over the "other halfs" half of the garage when she moved out. Single again now and running out of room in the garage. The shed is full, there's a shelving unit in the den full of thin wood. Do I REALLY need a coffee table and loveseat in the living room?
                    It WOULD be alot more comfortable to scroll and turn in there in the winter and summer and I could park the Jeep in the garage again! (At least until I get more stuff!)

                    There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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