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    Nice job

    The booth looks great.

    The father son team works well too

    My daughter was the one who tried scrolling more than the boys.
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Congratulations to Caleb. It must have been a thrill for him. Booth looks very nice. In NZ we can hire booths like that for selling our crafts, put in our own shelving etc, in places called Craftworld. There are 4, I think, in the country. Pay a monthly fee and credit card transaction fee on sales. Is that the sort of place your booth is in or is it somwhere quite diferent?
      Cheers. Teresa .


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        CanadianScroller and Little flower, thank you both for your encouragement.

        The booth is in a mini-craft mall. About 30 booths if I remember correctly. I was just asked to move to the front of the store... I think that is good? We pay $30 month rental and then 8% of those items that sell. I would say it is more like consignment than anything.


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          Sounds much like our Craftworld's but smaller. Hope you do well.
          Cheers. Teresa .


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            That looks really great! and cudos to your son - he's doing a great job too!





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              Absolutely everyone here has made valid points. That's part of what I've liked about this group.....different view points and different ideas. And we respect the diversity. You people rock!
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