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Scrolling, Fretting, Carving and making sawdust

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  • Scrolling, Fretting, Carving and making sawdust

    Ramblings to stoke the fire!

    Someone came up to me today and told me they heard I carved wood.
    Although I have done some carving I tried to explain the differences between carving and scrolling. Then I got thinking about scrolling and fretwork.
    Why dont we throw intarsia in there too...maybe a little compound cutting, some marquetry.
    There are so many aspects to this hobby that we refer to as scrolling.
    There are definitions for all of the terms I just mentioned. A few things they all have in common. The use a saw, a by produst is sawdust, and if you don't have fun doing it then there is no point even starting.
    That holds true whether you are cutting fretwork with a hand powered fretsaw or making intarsia with a $2000 saw.

    The first power saw I had was a Dremel with 3" pinned blades. Suction cup feet tried to hold the saw to the kitchen table but didnt do a very good job.
    I know I could not cut out the Dome Clock or the Chimes of Normandy with this saw but I did have fun.
    There are frustrating things about all saws, even the top end ones. But the enjoyment of seeing a project take shape is the same on saws at either end of the price range.
    I am not telling people to go out and buy a 69 dollar saw but I have been scrolling for many years with a saw that cost less than $200 and I defy anyone to tell me that I dont enjoy the hobby as much as anyone else.
    That being said I am eventually going to get a saw with a little more capacity.
    I just wish the prices in Canada were comparable to those in the US.
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21

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    I tend to agree. The better the equipment, the more enjoyable the work is going to be. I grew up with a dad that had decent shop. I loved woodworking in my teens, I had won a few jr. contest for my clocks and such. Then I went off to college/seminary and then into the ministry. I didn't have much tools of my own, and would go to a congregation memeber home who said he had "tools". It was frustrating using poor equipment.

    After my dad passed away in 1985 the tools were mine. But we had no place for them living in either townhouses or very small parsonages. Through about 10 years my mother would 'sell off' dads/my tools here and there. For really cheap prices just because someone had visited and said, I'll give you $$ for that tool. The pride of the shop was an old General Table Saw she sold for $100. And as you know, you can't even come close to finding a quality table saw like that for $100. Currently I have a Ryobi Table saw with a sliding cross cut slide, which wiggles off over the place... (annoying!!!!!)

    Anyway, I've had many people who knew I bought a scrollsaw thought I'd give it up in a short time, due to thier own experience with....let's just say a cheaper saw and hated it. I love scrolling, I think because I bought a higher end saw. Which in turn does make the job go much better and smoother.


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      Please Someone pinch me.
      John T.


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        my good deed for the day

        I wood but I hardly know you!
        Originally posted by jttheclockman
        Please Someone pinch me.
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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