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  • BobD
    Actually, we had Ron Posten come to the office and give the staff at Fox Chapel Publishing a class--so I really can't answer your questions about pricing, etc.

    But I learned more in that class than I've learned in a year on my own! Everything from how to cut a smooth curve to cutting a straight line, and how to pivot in was awsome!

    I don't really know of many other classes around here, though...

    One thing, though, is that Ron highly reccomends John Nelson's Scroll Saw Workbook. We spent a good portion of the class just cutting John Nelson's first project...Ron is a big proponent of mastering the fundamentals first--the rest is really just following the suggestions of a pattern!

    Hope this helps!


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  • jshob56
    started a topic Question for BobD

    Question for BobD


    In your "Practicing Techniques" message you mentioned taking a class recently. Since I only live about 15 miles away from Lebanon (Lititz) I figured I'd ask if you'd mind sharing some details about this class.
    Was it worth it?


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    Dan, your questions are a little tough to answer without knowing a little more about this puzzle you're cutting. That said, here are my thoughts:
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    Thanks Linda. I got the email and sent you a reply. I hope I answered the questions....
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    Hey Denny---I shot you an email with a few questions. I might just have to dip my toe into the world of Pegas blades vs FD. At least to try! Open minded explorations. Thank you ! Linda
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