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    hello everyone, my stepfather was an avid scroller and has recently passed away. my mother was going to sell all of his equipment and i said i would like to buy it and continue his new found love. so now i have a table saw,planer,and a hawk 226 scroll saw. i got all of his magazines and i came across the holiday issue with the alpha snake project. i immediatly wanted this to be my first project(i know a little boy with a birthday coming up that would love it).well i paged through the issue and realized the pull out pattern sheet was missing. so to get to the point i was wondering if anyone could email me a copy of the pattern, it would be greatly appreaciated.thanks

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    1st Welcome to the site. I hope you will enjoy your visits.

    We all extend our sympathies for your loss. But you did good in getting all those woodworking tools. Much later in life, you will develop a true appreciation for your efforts to keep you (step)Dad's tools together, and in the family.

    Just keep in mind while the scroll saw is very safe, the table saw is a whole lot less forgiving.

    Now as to the pull out patterns. Well, I am going to have to defer to our Admin guys Bob and Rob who work for SSW magazine. They might be able to help you.



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      that was my thoughts exactly. he spent his final couple years gathering all of the things needed to create the wonderful things he made and i figured why break them up and sell them. he sure did love it and towards the end his hands shook to much for him to continue. we think that may have broke his spirit which may have sped up his dying process. i just wish i had watched him more while he was at work doing what he loved,scrolling.
      thanks for the kind words.


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        You made the right choice for sure. Myself I am working with many tools that my Grandfather left to my Dad that have now been passed to me. I can't help but think that Gramps is up there with the Big Guy looking down smiling (and laughing at times), because I know he see's me making saw dust with the things he treasured so dearly. When the day comes that I leave this world, I hope my son is able to continue on with these same tools.

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