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Patterns for Kids' Toys?

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  • Patterns for Kids' Toys?

    I know this is not a strictly scroll saw question, but you all are so knowledgable, I feel sure someone could help. The carving group of which I am a member would like to make a batch of toys for the children in our local homeless/battered shelter. We are about 8 mature folks with maybe one who can use a table saw (barely!), several who cut out blanks with bandsaws, and several more who have varying amounts of experience using a scroll saw. I have the most, and I have only made a bunch of puzzles and ornaments, and most of John Nelson's workbook projects. (I got a little bored there after a while, too, Bob). The few others could be pretty fluent in hand drill, sander, or paint use. I've seen little trucks and such for the little boys (and maybe some of the girls), but do you have any suggestions for something(s) for the girls and maybe the older kids? Of course, we can't compete with those electronic toys, but I'm hoping there might be something. I'm willing to buy some patterns if need be, but I don't want to spend our very limited budget on stuff the kids won't like.
    Sorry to be so long winded. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give us.

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    Something I once made for my niece which she loved (she was about 12 years old at the time) was a small rocking horse. It was simple to make - I just stack cut horses on rockers and joined them together with 3 pieces of wood so as to form a cup between the bodies. I hope that makes sense!

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      Yes, thanks! I can surely find a horse, and make some rockers. Maybe even some other animals - she was 12 and liked it, hmm? That's older than I would have thought - maybe there is some hope for us to strike a chord with more of them than just the little'uns. Thanks again.


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        Re: Patterns for kids toys

        A recent issue of Scroll Saw Workshop had a snake shaped puzzle that you put the alphabet on. I made one of these and everyone I have shown it to has been very complimentary.

        I have also had very good luck finding books with plans and patterns at my public library.

        Good luck


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          Dinosuars...Just a thought

          I recently bought the book "Make Your Own Model Dinosaurs" from Fox Chapel Publishing. I made one for my daughter's 2nd grade class. It's a great for a unique toy. It went together well, but you will have to pay attention to the slots that hold the Dinosaur together. By the way the T-Rex Dinosaur in issue 16 of Scroll Saw Workshop Magazine is the same one in the book.

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            C'Mon Guys and Gals, we can do a bit better then this. I will gladly send you one of the pattern books I have that is centered towards making puzzles and toys for the young ones. In my opinion these folks need an extra hand and this is what our hobby is all about.

            Sandy feel free to contact me via email and I will see that you folks get a few ideas to start working with. Don't take this as a hand out as it is for a much higher calling and I know you wouldn't have asked without an honest cause.

            God Bless, and look forward to hearing from ya'll.


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              Drawing Easel

              Hi Todd

              Here is a drawing easel I made for my granddaugther (age 6) and grandson (age 2) pattern just some scrap wood and some paint. I put a "marker board" on one side and a "Black board" on the other side. Actuall the plack board was just a board with Black board paint on it. The kids can use both chauk or a marker depending on which side they are using. A couple of hinges at the top and it folds up nicely for storage.

              Couldn't get the picture small enough to attach so please look in my gallary for a picture of the project.

              Good Luck
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