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Help! I am having cutting problems with 3/4" hardwood

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  • Help! I am having cutting problems with 3/4" hardwood

    I don't understand. I have been cutting hardwood since the first day that I recieved my Delta Q3. The Delta is now retired until a Delta service center will authorize fixing it. I now use a brand new Excalibur 30" scroll saw. The lateral blade tracking is perfect, the table is perfectly square to the blade yet when I attempt to cut 3/4" Padauk I have problems controlling the cut and most of the time the blade catches the wood when I try to cut a sharp corner and slaps the wood up and down scaring the hell out of me while at the same time bending the blade. Does anyone have any idea why I am having problems with cutting wood with a new saw compared to the Q3? My only guess is because it cut the wood quicker and removed wood dust better due to the front to back movement of the blade.

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    Blade problem

    Just a thought, is the blade in properly? A blade accidentally installed upside down won't cut properly and will cause the wood to be picked up from the table and "slapped" down again...

    Jim Paskett
    RBI HAWK 220


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      Very Good Term.


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        "Wood Slap"

        Is the stock you're cutting flat? If the wood has even a slight cup keeping it from lying flat on the table it will tend to jump around, especially when using thick stock and larger blades. It will also remove some skin from from your hands if they get between the stock and the table!!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          And boy oh boy does it hurt when it slaps on your finger!!!

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            3/4" paduak can be very irritating dust so be sure to wear a good dust mask. It is a resinous wood so it will have a tendency to have splinters that can catch on the blade when cutting and if you are using a #5 or less blade this tendency increases. It will also burn making tight turns. As suggested check your blade direction, is there a speed control on that saw I am not sure but you want to saw speed as fast as you can control. As far as the aggresivness should not be a factor. I would try to use the largest blade I can on the pattern like at least a #7 or even a #9.
            John T.


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              I too have had my hand slapped by Paduk! As John said, the character of the wood makes for control problems as well as "pinching" the blade. I can only say ditto with John's suggestions. I was sitting here thinking if I would add any other advice, ........ nope can't think of any more. You just have my empathy with the pain in the fingers!



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