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    I am looking for a good software program to design for scrolling. Rather it be letters, numbers, or pictures....

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    I use Adobe Photo Elements. It's a cheap but powerful program. One feature I use is a trace function that basically outlines images in a picture. My wife is better at it than I am, she took a picture of my son and created a pattern that I scrolled. It came out pretty good.

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      Max....I use a similar program called Photo Impression 3. It has a sketch function much like you described but I always wind up with too much detail, sometimes to the point that I can no longer recognize the original photo. I'm going to try to find the Adobe program you mentioned. I used to use Adobe Photo Deluxe at work before I retired and as I remember it was a good program for manipulating pics. Glad I read your post!!! Thanx!!
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        I would only like to stress that...


        any of the mentioned programs are good. I would only like to stress that you don't need the latest version of these programs. You can get a three or four years old version for a fraction of the price and still get more features than you will ever use for scroll saw designs. Also, these programs require you to spend a lot of time learning and practicing. There is no program that can create scroll saw patterns within seconds, no matter how expensive it is and no matter what the publicity says.



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          I've just started using the Photo Shop Pro V8 demo and I like it so much that I've ordered the full v9 version from eBay for only £8.50 (inc postage). I'm guessing that must equate to around $12.00 - whichever way you look at it, it's cheap enough !

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            The GIMP is a great program!!

            I think you would like The GIMP. It is a Linux program that has recently been ported to windows. I mainly run it on Linux (Red Hat is my prefered distro) but I run it on Windows at work, it runs well on Windows but better on Red Hat :-).

            FYI: This is free under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and has no sypware (no strings).

            Check it out at

            Downloads are at

            Read the FAQs.... This is an important one
            You will need to download both GTK+ Runtime Environment and The Gimp installers. Install GTK+ before installing The Gimp.

            There is documentation and get the help files they always help when they are needed.



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