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Difficult patterns to find

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  • Difficult patterns to find

    When you can't find a pattern that works for a project you want to do - what do you do? Many of us are not artistically inclined and rely on others to make patterns for our scrolling.

    What is the toughest topic to find patterns for?

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    You can take many patterns and combine them to whatever works for you. You can shrink or enlarge them. You can do them yourself and if not have someone else do them for you. It might cost a little but if that is what you want . There are so many pattern makers out there not only the big names but join other scroll forums on other sites and you will see. There are just sooooooooo many patterns out there I would find it hard to believe you can not find what you are looking for.
    John T.


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      I look to different sources other than woodworking patterns. I've had some "aha" moments looking at stained glass, jewelery, stencils, metal work, and even crochet and needle point pictures. I save pictures and magazines that I think have some good ideas in them even if it looks like it has nothing to do with wood.

      Before someone should say their not artistically inclined, maybe some other approaches should be explored. An example with myself is even though I sketch most of my designs myself, I can't draw accurately full scale. The enlarge option on my printer is my savior.

      Hey, and even if you don't think you drawing looks good, save it and rework it later. I salvaged many horrible drawings into something repectable. Creativeity, I found for myself, is not a button. There are just going to be somedays nothing looks right, but then there are the good days


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        PATTERNS PATTERNS Everywhere

        Wow where do I begin. Over the past 8 years I have collected hundreds of megabytes of patters. Many were free from some of the scrolling sites online, some are clipart from CDs I have bought.
        Often I use Google image search and scour the net for just the right pic.
        There are kids colouring books.
        You can glue an image from a magazine to the wood and cut it out, the sources seem to be endless.
        But my favourite place to get scrolling patterns.....used book stores. So many people get frustrated with scrolling and sell the books back to the bookstores. I have well over a dozen books which I bought for less that $5 each. How can you go wrong.
        I also get ScrollSaw patterns yet
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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