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    Toni wanted me to start a new thread on portrait patterns. My secret to the patterns is Ron at I just send him the photo that I want a pattern of either by e-mail or regular mail. Ron is very good at what he does, he makes a sample pattern and sends it to me for approval, if everything is O.K. he sends me a bill for $15.00. I pay him via Pay Pal and Ron sends me the working pattern. Many people purchase the software to do this on their own, But I think you have to have some artistic talent to go along with the software. I don't do enough of them to invest in the software. Mick.
    Mick, - Delta P-20

    A smile is a small curve that straightens everything out.

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    LOL! Now that is NOT what I expected! giggle.


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      You can look at some portrait patterns and tell they were done strictly with software and with no artistic input. I think a good pattern is much more art than technology, though the technology is a tremendous help to the artist. The more patterns I make, the less I rely on the technology, though it will always be my first time-saving step.


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        I agree with you Steve, some patterns produced by software are definately lacking heart.

        Pattern creation or photo manipulation? IMHO, photo manipulation does not produce as good of a final piece as a real pattern does. There are forums and various sites that promote "free patterns" but with a handful of exceptions, (there are some excellent photo manipulations where care has been taken to eliminate floaters etc.) I find these "patterns" leave a lot to be desired.

        The software is an excellent tool but should not be relied on soley for the creation of a quality pattern.


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