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Begining Scroller Part 2

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  • Begining Scroller Part 2

    HI all,

    Thanks for the responce(Pardon my spelling) to the questions about saw blades.

    To clearify about what happen and answer a few questions that was asked in the responces.

    I was cutting 1/8" wafer board for practice ( bad idea) and left the machine running when the blade broke of it's own accord (no load on the blade). I had cut some 1" pine earlier with no problem at all in cutting this heavy stock. After I had cut a few lines on the pattern and removed the pine board (again no load on blade), the blade broke. (See below for details on blades.)

    The next day that I started to cut the 1/8" stock and was doing fine with it until the blade broke (again under no load condiction).

    Type of Blades used

    The blades I was using were new and of the pinned type. The saw is fairly new with little use on it. On the package for the blades it says they are Olson pinned. The position of the last blade that broke was with the teeth down.

    The saw has a place for the pins to rest and a tightener to make sure the blade is tawnt. On blade I had adjusted the tensition rather tight (second blade) and the last just snug enough to hold the blade in properly. The blade has holders(for lack of proper knowlege of term) with allen head screw to clamp on the blade to hold it from flopping around or out of the groove where the pins are. Those in all cases were tight.

    Just to add the fact I had two different tensitions on the blade. One snug and the other tight.

    Thanks again for the many responses to the questions in "Begining Scroller".

    Happy Scrolling,


    P.S. I thought maybe the two ends of the jogger(for lack of better term) were misalined but when I looked they seemed fine. I'll try another blade within 24 hours and let you know what happens.

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    I am afraid I am not going to be much help to you because I have never heard of that saw. When you say they are pinend blades that is going to take out of the equation the blade slipping because it can't. Also the blades are probably a #7 or #9. I do not think you can get much smaller. If so that is a heavfty blade to break like that. I would say there is a machine problem. It does not matter you were cutting wafer board only that it will dull the blade faster. The pine is the easier wood to cut. Put a new blade in and tension as normal. Then without cutting anything look from the front the travel of the blade. It should be straight up and down with no waver. If it is not something is out of alignment. Good luck.
    John T.


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      Somebody want to go to Idaho to help this guy out??? LOL

      One question I do have is, does the blade break only after you have used the saw or does it break while running even if there was never any load on the blade? My suggestion is to put on a new blade following the suggestions made here and let 'er run for an alotted amount of time. If it breaks even when you haven't put a load on it, then you can know that it has nothing to do with cutting. If it doesn't break until after you have a load on it then we can assume it could be a process issue in regards to sawing. Also if it breaks when NOT under load then it could be a machine malfunction or a tightening process problem.

      You say the saw is fairly new? If the saw is an "economy" model, it may just be a defect in alignment. Just keep trying different things, let us know how you make out and we can continue to troubleshoot if it continues.
      Mike P.

      He is a man of sense who does not grieve for what he has not, but rejoices in what he has.
      - Epictetus


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        Is it possible that the tension is loosening up on its own and the break occurred because the blade popped out of the holder? I am just thinking and that is a dangerous practice on my part. It may be co-incidental that the blades broke after the load was removed from the blade.


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