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  • No excuse not to start intarsia

    Now I have no excuse not to start...I got Kathy Wise's pattern for the St. Bernard puppy in the mail today. I do need a few suggestions on the wood. I was thinking of using basswood for the white, mahogany for the rust colored parts and walnut for the dark that a good way to start? I was also thinking of using basswood for all of it, and just cutting out the section and staining them before assembly...HELP!


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    Those are good choices for color of woods. It comes down to your eye and your tastes because there is no right and wrong. Staining is a way to go if you want to practice but if you have the other woods I would go that way. You will see it is not as hard as you are thinking. You have learned your saws peformance levels so this is just the next step up. Good luck and we want to see a completed project of some sort here.
    John T.


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      I've never done intarsia myself. I think if I did try, I would first use the basswood and stain or paint the pieces. Then when I knew the process I would use the more expensive hardwoods. Now, if I had an inexpensive source of the hardwoods, I might just start!! But the walnut and mahogany in our (my husband and my) workshop is hoarded!

      I think your choices of wood species would work.

      Oh, and I would love to see it when you are done!!



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        Bob - Judy Gayle Roberts has a book out called "Small Intarsia" published by you folks, so you should have it in your library someplace. It has a section in front on wood selection.


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          I didn't have that handy, but I have Easy to Make Inlay wood projects, Intarsia, and there is also a section on wood selection there...I didn't think about cherry; I've got an almost unlimited supply of that up at my dad's house in NW Pa.




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            Bob - The reason I mentioned that particular book is that she uses red cedar almost exlusively in all the projects. She uses the different colors (heartwood, sap wood and everything in between) and grain patterns (burls, knots etc.) inherent in the cedar. Can't really remember everything she said and I don't have the book any more because I have kids and grandkids (I don't have a lot of tools and fishing tackle I used to have either).


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