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Beginners Scroll Saw
Post your beginners scroll saw questions here.
Topics: 2,284 Posts: 23,115
2,284 23,115
by Rolf
General Scroll Saw
Post your scroll saw projects that don't fit into any other category or general scroll saw questions here.
Topics: 6,342 Posts: 58,462
Last Post: Scroll Saw Shells
6,342 58,462
Works in Process
Post photos and descriptions of ongoing projects
Topics: 1,773 Posts: 20,137
1,773 20,137
Scroll Saw Business Side
A place to discuss the business side of scroll sawing, including selling patterns or selling scroll saw artwork.
Topics: 878 Posts: 10,246
878 10,246
by Rolf
Scroll Saw Puzzles
A place to post completed puzzles and discuss puzzles and puzzle-making on a scroll saw
Topics: 2,251 Posts: 22,503
Last Post: Plastic puzzle
2,251 22,503
Wooden Toys & Scale Models
Post wooden toy project and scale model ideas and projects here.
Topics: 588 Posts: 6,938
Last Post: 1925 Model T
588 6,938
by daveww1
Intarsia, Inlay, and Segmentation
A place to post photos and questions about using different colors of wood to create an image.
Topics: 2,445 Posts: 35,185
Last Post: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
2,445 35,185
Bowls, Boxes, Compound, and other 3-D Projects
A place to discuss three-dimensional scroll saw projects such as bowls, boxes, and compound-cut designs.
Topics: 2,038 Posts: 21,081
Last Post: Old pickup truck
2,038 21,081
Jim McDonald
Fretwork and Portraits
A place to post your fretwork, clock-making, and portrait projects and questions about fretwork, clock-making, and portraits.
Topics: 4,372 Posts: 44,176
Last Post: "Wars Of The Roses"
4,372 44,176
Linda In Phoenix
Wood Finishing and Painting
A place to discuss your finishing techniques or products.
Topics: 1,116 Posts: 9,636
1,116 9,636
Tools and Blades
A place to discuss tools, blades, and other mechanical issues.
Topics: 4,200 Posts: 37,797
4,200 37,797
Wood and Materials
A place to discuss wood and other materials for scrolling.
Topics: 1,193 Posts: 10,208
1,193 10,208
Info Exchange
Post scrolling tips and ideas here. The best of the best may be used in the magazine.
Topics: 616 Posts: 5,618
616 5,618
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  • Rolf
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Rolf
    Betty is the feed belt centered? Do you hear it when the drum is spinning or when just the feed belt is on?
    I have had the sanding belt stretch, they do that over time, and there was enough hanging out to just kiss the table.
    Today, 03:30 PM
  • Bill Wilson
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Bill Wilson
    Well, this topic can present a lot of opinions and options. First, if you are seriously considering helical cutting heads, would you take the next step and upgrade to a stationary, floor model planer? Perhaps even a used one. I don't know how much space you have and what your shop power options are,...
    Today, 02:13 PM
  • will8989
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by will8989
    Our super max has been making a noise that sounds like paper caught but we can’t pinpoint anything. Cleaned what we could, Bruce used dry lubricant, which sounds like an oxymoron to me, and still makes the noise. Started quietly now is louder. Any suggestions before we call for warranty work? I’m...
    Today, 01:57 PM
  • Rolf
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Rolf
    Linda this has been my experience. I have had the Dewalt 15 years, Jointer 8 years, super max 6 years

    I have the Dewalt 735 planer, a six inch Jet Jointer JJ 6 CSX and the Supermax 19-38 drum sander.

    The Dewalt is an excellent machine if it had a helical cutter head it would...
    Today, 09:29 AM
  • Quartz43
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Quartz43
    I have been woodworking a long time and do not have a jointer. I know some swear by them but not me. I have built a lot of furniture without one.

    I have a 3 hp 15" planer, the DW735 and a drum sander. I only use the big planer when I getting rough sawn wood ready for a project....
    Today, 08:54 AM
  • Linda In Phoenix
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Linda In Phoenix
    I am anxiously waiting for even more input from people. This is helpful majorly, as I know none of you are trying to "sell" me something. Just honest opinions. On the jointer, the utube videos and guy at the store indicated they would be great for helping with twisted or cupped boards...
    Yesterday, 11:03 PM
  • GladeFade
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by GladeFade
    On the issue of a jointer, I have had 1 but would not get another. I can get a better job on an edge with a router and straight edge. If you want one for flattening a board then they are useful.
    Now for the planer, Have wore out a couple planers. My friend bought the new one with the helical head....
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
  • will8989
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by will8989
    We have a Delta 121/2” which we’ve had forever and ever. Bruce uses it mostly, but he did change the blades to 3 cutters. It does a much better job. He also has a jig, of course he does, that he sharpens the cutters with. He also made a longer bed for it. Extremely loud. We have a jointer that seldom...
    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
  • Quartz43
    Reply to Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Quartz43
    I have the DW735 and very pleased with it. This is a very widely used model and most very happy with it. The one complaint is that it is very loud.
    Yesterday, 09:02 PM
  • Linda In Phoenix
    Planer and jointer opinions wanted
    by Linda In Phoenix
    My 18 year old benchtop planer bit the dust, and replacement parts are unavailable and honestly it was my first planer and would cost more to repair then what it cost to buy it. So....I'm in the market for a new (til now, underappreciated) "toy". I say "toy" because it makes a new...
    Yesterday, 08:03 PM