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Post your beginners scroll saw questions here.
Topics: 2,266 Posts: 22,902
2,266 22,902
I think I have him hooked
by Stoney
Post your scroll saw projects that don't fit into any other category or general scroll saw questions here.
Topics: 6,068 Posts: 55,878
Last Post: Puzzle boxes
6,068 55,878
Puzzle boxes
Post photos and descriptions of ongoing projects
Topics: 1,673 Posts: 18,968
1,673 18,968
A place to discuss the business side of scroll sawing, including selling patterns or selling scroll saw artwork.
Topics: 798 Posts: 9,501
Last Post: Spring Shows
798 9,501
Jim Finn
Spring Shows
A place to post completed puzzles and discuss puzzles and puzzle-making on a scroll saw
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Last Post: Triangular Pieces
2,188 22,064
Triangular Pieces
Post wooden toy project and scale model ideas and projects here.
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547 6,554
A place to post photos and questions about using different colors of wood to create an image.
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Last Post: 56 Chevy
2,332 33,994
56 Chevy
by tgiro01
A place to discuss three-dimensional scroll saw projects such as bowls, boxes, and compound-cut designs.
Topics: 1,829 Posts: 19,857
1,829 19,857
A place to post your fretwork, clock-making, and portrait projects and questions about fretwork, clock-making, and portraits.
Topics: 4,239 Posts: 43,171
Last Post: Owl
4,239 43,171
Sandy Oaks
A place to discuss your finishing techniques or products.
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Last Post: Black lacquer
1,077 9,313
Black lacquer
A place to discuss tools, blades, and other mechanical issues.
Topics: 3,991 Posts: 35,614
Last Post: New Toy
3,991 35,614
New Toy
by RJweb
A place to discuss wood and other materials for scrolling.
Topics: 1,142 Posts: 9,843
Last Post: masking tape
1,142 9,843
masking tape
Post scrolling tips and ideas here. The best of the best may be used in the magazine.
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607 5,526

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Most Recent Updates


  • RJweb
    Reply to New Toy
    Happy birthday. See winning the track saw started it all, RJ
    Today, 04:57 PM
  • Rolf
    New Toy
    I received a Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ 5 inch brush-less palm sander from my wife for my birthday. No real time to evaluate it as we are still working to finish our room project.
    But I did plug it in and ran it. First impression, super quiet and what really surprised me is that it stops instantly...
    Today, 04:53 PM
  • Rolf
    Reply to Seyco Review
    Well that was certainly an in depth review. Very pleased with how things were handled by Seyco....
    Today, 04:47 PM
  • hotshot
    Reply to Seyco Review
    When I was at the show, I didn't lift the cover enough to see that rectangular hole, but I have to say, "What on Earth". Did Ray say what intent of that was?
    Today, 03:57 PM
  • Scrappile
    Reply to Puzzle boxes
    Ahhh, I see. I wish I had see this before I cut the puzzles. I am now playing catch up. Oh well I have more to do. I also see you are a better puzzle cutter than I. Thanks for posting the pictures....
    Today, 03:21 PM
  • Scrappile
    Reply to Seyco Review
    I talked to Ray, shot legs on order. Thanks for the info.
    Today, 03:06 PM
  • Flying Pigs
    Reply to Seyco Review
    Flying Pigs
    Another update - Ray read my post and I just had a satisfying call with him which I hope I relate properly. They are doing different legs for the bench top mount and if you have already ordered and intend to use the bench top mount for the frame you should be in touch with Ray so that he may process...
    Today, 01:26 PM
  • will8989
    Reply to Puzzle Hold Together Thingy
    See my post puzzle boxes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope it helps.
    Today, 12:31 PM
  • will8989
    Reply to Puzzle boxes
    Obviuosly the one with the washers should be the 2nd picture. Don't know why it switched positions.
    Today, 12:29 PM
  • will8989
    Puzzle boxes
    This is how I make puzzle boxes. I drilled a hole in the eye as this was waste. I cut out the puzzle in one piece. Placed washers inside of the waste, now my frame, to raise the puzzle. Use a washer and pencil to trace around the raised wood. Glue the wood onto a piece of backing. When dry, cut on your...
    Today, 12:27 PM