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Trying again. Think I got it this time

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  • Trying again. Think I got it this time

    20200318_103302[3024]2.jpg Hopefully someone could please make a pattern of this

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    I wish I could help you but I have not made any fretwork patterns and only a couple of Intarsia patterns. Hope fully we have some of our masters still on the site.
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      There are some designers on the other Scrollsaw woodworking group. I found it through facebook. Andy is one of them, don't remember his last name. There are some very talented people there. Check it out.

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        I also seldom attempt to make a pattern like this, mainly because I don’t usually cut fret type work so I don’t feel comfortable trying to create something I don’t usually do.

        however, I wanted to suggest that you might try the Pattern Request subforum over on the Scrollsaw Village forum. There are several people over there who are usually willing to try and help folks out with patterns, with ever trying to stay home bound in most places right now, you might get several attempts. If you do make a request, please make sure that you thank anyone who attempts it for you and be sure to take a picture of the completed project and post back there so the pattern maker(s) can see it done. That is really all they ask for, a simple thanks and a photo. While most do, a few do not unfortunately. If you are new there, be sure to introduce yourself and tell them it was suggested you make a request there.

        here is a direct link there:
        Melanie from East TN


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          I see you posted the request in the Village and Grampa made a pattern for you. Hopefully you have seen it. Be sure to take a picture and post when done,
          Melanie from East TN


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