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  • o scale building plans

    Does anyone know of any sources for plans for simple buildings? Maybe for a Christmas village or, I want to use them for O scale train platform. Thanks for any replies. dan

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    Have you looked for any model railroad magazines? Since I have not been following model railroading for many years, I do not know what they have to offer.
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      I would not know where to look, but o-scale is 1/48 scale which is what I use for many of my airplane models. I once looked into building a realistic vintage hangar and air tower and I guess if you can get your hands on some pictures you an easily scale them to 1/48 and use that for plans for your wood scenery. Your library might have some books on vintage houses and streets of your hometown you can use for referenreference.

      For scale: the easiest part would be to get the actual dimensions of the house/shop/farm/landmark you want to reproduce and then load the image in a photo editor or Inkscape and scale to size. Another method is to use people or doors as reference. A standard door is about 80 in. high, which means it should measure 1.66 in. for your model. In Inkscape, make a rectangle of 1.66 in. (Type size into the top bar) and scale the Image until the door is as high as the rectangle. In a drawing program, measure the doorpost on your image and use the rule of three to find the size the total picture should be so that the doorframe is 166 pixels, then print the image at 100 dpi (dots per inches....)

      ​​​​​​If the picture shows people in front of the house, you can use that instead. The average male is about 67 in. tall, the average female 62. In scale 1/48 that would be 1.4 and 1.3 in respectively.

      Like I said, I don't really have any pictures nor any idea what style and period you are looking for, but from what I have, I can give you a plan for every mission church in San Antonio and for Houston's 1940 air control tower/terminal

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        I use these people for supplies all the time.
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          Our local train club has many members who build their layout buildings from scratch--and I know for a fact they have O scale train layouts. They might be able to clue you in where to get patterns from. Their email is [email protected] Usually takes a few days to get the email directed to the best person to address your question, but it might provide good results. Good luck.
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