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  • 3d pattern request

    I am looking for a pattern for a 3d salamander and a small frog. This will be for a project I am making to enter in a local fair and then give to a friend. The main part of the project is a wood duck made from a piece of 2 by spruce/pine/fir, standing on a log. The duck is about 8" tall. I would like to make the salamander and frog form a piece of 1 1/2" square. Any other suggestions would be appericated. thank you dan

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    For the salamander I would take an articulated toy snake and just glue two pairs of legs to the second and fifth or sixth segment of the body. For the frog, here are some quick ideas I came up with:

    The first is a bullfrog made out of a center body, two pairs of legs glued to the sides and two pair of feet glued under the legs. Depending on the width of the wood you use, it may be easier to make the two feet assemblies into one ground plate and then just glue legs and body on top of it.

    the second is a South-American macara toy. The original is a kind of rattle or drum: If you rake the drum-stick over the spine of the frog, it produces a kind of kraaa-kraaa sound that kind-of immitates a frog's call. Originally it is carved out of a block of wood, but I made it into a 3-layer body so you can cut each layer with a scrollsaw and then glue the pieces together. I designed this on a whim and haven't tried it out yet, so you might have to adjust the height or slope of the spines. depending on what thickness of wood you use, you might also make two layers of central body/spines to give the frog the desired thickness.

    The first thing you want to do however is probably to print out the patterns and then retrace them to your liking. I would... They're jsut preliminary sketches so far.

    Hope that helps,


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      Thank you, where do I find a good articulated pattern? dan

      Oh I just remembered also a small turtle may be nice.
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        Originally posted by dwssr2 View Post
        Thank you, where do I find a good articulated pattern? dan

        Oh I just remembered also a small turtle may be nice.

        My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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          Meanwhile here is what I cane up with for a river turtle. you may want to enlarge the patterns to make them fit your desired size or wood thickness. I will try mine with about the original size and 1/8' hobby hardwwood like oak, maple or mahogany. If I stack-cut three shells out of three different colors of wood, I figure I can mix and match the pieces of the shell to give the turtles a kind of calico look.


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