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    I am searching for patterns/instructions for making plywood sculptures with my grinder. Tawsom Wood Sculptures sells a package and I have the Arbortech Seahorse plan, but have been unable to find others. any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I found what you're talking about at Tawsom Wood Sculptures | Sculpt in wood. Start a woodworking business. . They look very cool, but more like carving than scrollsaw work. You will likely find more familiarity with similar patterns on the carving forum at Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board .

    From a scrollsawing perspective you might be able to create a basic form with layers of plywood and then smooth down the edges with your grinder. There was a goose project with a similar technique a while back. I think this one, but I don't see it actually listed in the issue 33 order page at Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Issue 33 Holiday 2008 so that may be the wrong issue.
    Carved Relief Cuts Create 3-D Portrait
    Snyder, Dave
    Raise individual layers with angled cuts and carve the layers for realistic portraits
    Goose, Relief, carving
    Holiday 2008 issue #33, Page(s):28-31



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      Thank you. I'll look it up.


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