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    This year I am mentoring two young boys in my 4-H club with woodworking. Last year one made a bookshelf and the other a birdhouse. I was wondering if anyone knew of some simple, free plans that they could use this year. They are supposed to use mainly hand tools (handsaw, coping saw). If anyone had any ideas it would be appreciated! Thanks

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    Minwax has some beginner projects here:

    Beginner Project Plans for your next woodworking project.

    and Lowe's Creative Ideas site also has some here:

    Beginner Weekend Projects - Lowe's Creative Ideas

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      MANY years ago when my son was in woodshop at school, the class made a lamp base from wood - just a 6" x 6" square with a base, and my initial (probably cut with either a jig-saw or a coping saw) glued to the square. They also made a message holder that was a square base with two pieces of wire hanger curved and stuck into the base - you put your messages in between the pieces of wire. Also a pencil holder - a 6" x 1" x 1.5" piece of wood with holes drilled into it where you put your pencil, which was then glued onto a more decorative base (a piece of molding, I think). I still have these sitting on my desk at home, 40 years later.


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        Check this link out.

        Kid's Woodworking Projects - Fine Woodworking Article

        Here are some of my ideas: trivet, toy box, keepsake box, 5-board bench, baseball hat rack, key holder, picture frame, desk organizer, planter, step stool, tool box (4 sides with dowel as handle), cutting board made from a solid piece but shaped like a paddle or something like that, derby car, toy plane.

        Maybe you can let them come with their own plans with limitations of course. This will build their planning and math/measuring skills.

        Just my 2 bits. Hope this helps.


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          Thank you for your ideas! I agree that it would be great if they could design their own projects but I needed something to get them started. Thanks again!


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