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I would like some help finding a Springer pattern

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  • I would like some help finding a Springer pattern

    A friend sent me this picture he's seen on the net of a scrolled springer asking if I could cut one, I said yes if I can find out who's the pattern is or where to get it, so can anyone help me find the pattern?

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    I couldn't find it, but it is very similar to the patterns that The Wooden Teddy Bear sells. You might email them and ask.
    Mark Abbett


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      JediScroller--one of the mods--has a great pattern on his site and I have cut it. It is not the same as the one pictured, but it is a great pattern.

      Click here
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        Got Me LOL I thought you meant a Harley front end. I need a beer
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          I can't help you with that pattern but here is one of mine.
          Don R
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          Custom Made Scroll Saw Patterns


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            Many thanks guys, thanks for the link Jim that is a nice pattern on jedi's site but it's not right for my friend but I'll buy the springer pattern any way and bookmarked the site for future reference, Don R thanks for posting your pattern it's a good pattern and so close I think that it will be Ok so I've grabbed a copy and will cut it and show it to my mate, I doubt if he will notice the difference any way, of course I'll post you a photo on here when it's done.


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