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  • Polar bear

    Hi can anyone help me with a simple pattern for a free standing polar bear please ?
    Learning the art of scroll saw.

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    I don't know if this is what your looking for but Shelia Landry has this pull toy (I made just the bear myself) SLD371 - Polar Bear Pull Toy Replica it was also in the December 2011 issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine. Project Gallery - December 2011 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts
    Douglas Fraser
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      Any chance you could email me the page from that mag.Not available in UK.Its only the Bear I want.
      Learning the art of scroll saw.


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        Sorry fd_cox (Floyd) - but I had to delete your posted images . I know you were trying to help but sending copies of magazine pages over the forum is copyright infringement.

        For the same reason as above please do not request members to send you copies of pages from publications. Such activities can jeopardize the functioning of the forum as its all too easy these days for boards to be closed down or banned due to 'innocently' permitting copyright infringement activities between members. Sorry, but this is definitely a 'no-go' area however well meaning the intentions of members are to help each other out.
        Jim in Mexico

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          Sorry for any infringement.I will stay away from this forum in future.
          Learning the art of scroll saw.


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            This might help just Google "polar bear coloring book pages" there are quite a few images to choose from. You might have to tweak the pattern as you cut it but it will give you a starting point. Here is a link polar bear coloring book pages - Google Search

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              Forester, This may be of some use?
              Don R
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