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  • 2 designs wanted

    i need to know where i could find a good corvette pattern and also i seen a pattern awhile ago and forgot where it was it was a cross with FROG, fully rely on god, in the cross or on a banner on the cross and it has a few things in the cross. if anyone knows where that could be. if not i need one that i could buy. im stocking up on patterns while i have money and then later when i get decent i can just focus on wood and blades for a little bit. thank you in advanced

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    Here is a '65 Corvette that I did a while ago. Hope it helps you.
    Don R
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    Custom Made Scroll Saw Patterns


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      Just in case you are not aware of the Pattern Vault on this site, here is the link.
      All pattern made by very generous members here, and they are free.
      Free Scroll Saw Pattern Vault - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board

      Steve Good has lots of patterns over at his site, for free, donations are welcomed, and well worth the price. Look on the left hand side for his Pattern catalog (Yellow image)
      Scrollsaw Workshop
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        The Fully Rely On God Cross is from Sue Mey and can also be purchased in the
        Wooden Teddy Bear Collection magazine.
        God Bless! Spirithorse


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          thank you that is it. i have been looking all over again thank you


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