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    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if you good people could help me out. I was at the craft fair yesterday and one of the other stall holders showed a lot of interest in my booth and asked me if I could help him out for a design depicting William Shakespeare. The guy works for the London museum and next year the museum is celebrating something to do with Shakespeare and also working in conjunction with the olympics. This would be a big breakthrough for me if i can come up with a suitable design. They want me to add Globe Theatre to the design and also have William Shakespeare on it as well. I do not have a problem with the wording as I can do that in fireworks or photoshop. I have included a picture but just need Bill S on his own without the other bits. I could possibly fret cut this as it is but I feel one of you good people could improve on this. I will probably cut it from a nice hardwood. Many thanks in advance.
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    Hope this helps
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      Many, Many thanks Don R, That is one brilliant piece of work you have done for me, appreciate it very much. Many thanks also for my car which you also made a good job of. I will post Shakespeare on the forum when I have made it which will be after Christmas now. Many thanks once again.


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        Well, my football teams were all getting beaten and I liked this pattern so well, I decided I would get a little culture and spend some quality time with Will. So here he is. Hope you enjoy him.
        Don R
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        Custom Made Scroll Saw Patterns


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          You did a great job there Don. I have submitted the design which was very acceptable, the guy has to show the head man now and he in turn will show the olympic committee. I have to add "The Globe Theatre" to the top and wills name at the bottom, I think they wanted the theatre included as well but that is asking to much to go into an 5 x 7 frame. Thanks again Don.


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