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    Hi everyone have a simple request don't know even if it has much to do with a scroll saw i'm looking for patterns for bookends either tigers or elephants if anyone knows it would be a big help Thanks
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    Check out, Sue Mey has a few.
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      I once had a boy scout wanting to make book ends for his sister named Kat - so I walked him through the project. Book ends are basically L shaped objects facing each other. He chose to go with the basic design and put a silhouette of a cat inside the L. Any scroll figure can be put into an L shape bookend, or into the tall part of the L.

      As for functional book ends which can keep books standing - 1st, make sure the end doesn't slide. Glue a piece of rubber (carpet pad etc) on the bottom. You can also make the tall end slant out a bit so the weight of the books will put pressure on the rubber pad. That Scout and I had made his book ends out of Corian so it had natural weight.

      This doesn't point you to a specific design, but I hope it helps. Feel free to ask further ideas if needed! I'm more of a wood worker then a scroller, but I love incorporating scroll work into my furniture. It makes it unique.
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