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  • Oval shape required

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if you could help me out. I would like to make some signs within an oval shape. The sort of things I have in mind are.


    I would also like to make signs with children's names. My computer skills at this sort of thing are zero but once I have the shape I can resize it to suit the words, or my son can. I suppose the width of the wood will be in the region of a half inch and about the same for the thickness. If anyone can help I would be really grateful.


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    It would be worthwhile for you to check out Dave Van Ess' site, His program, PolyDraw, will let you make oval shapes of any size. They can be printed out at reduced percentage for larger ovals. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you go through the tutorial, I think you'll find it a great tool for basic shapes.

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      Another possibility for us computer Luddites is found in the windows start menu.

      Click on start then all programs,

      Click and hold on Accessories

      Click on Paint

      There is and icon that looks like an oval (ellipse) on the left side, click on it and use the cursor will make an oval for you of the size you want.

      Print it out.

      Hope this helps.

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        Do you have Microsoft Word? Here is a tutorial on the forum
        Here is a video Steve Good has on YouTube to make patterns with Word sdgood's Channel - YouTube
        Just noticed you said 1/2" width and thickness maybe Steve's key chain program Scrollsaw Workshop scroll down the page and you will find it.

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          Many thanks to Carole, George and Tim. I will have a look at that link you kindly provided Carole. One of the problems I have George is that my computer is an Apple i-Mac so I cant use windows programs. Tim, I do have microsoft word on my computer and will give your links a shot also. I am so grateful to you lovely people for helping me out.


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            Geoff, are you wanting something like this, or something else? Don
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              Teach a Freida how to draw an ellipse and he can always draw one. Draw a freind an ellipse and he will be back for help again....LOL

              Here ya go. Give these a try.

              Draw A Perfect Ellipse - YouTube

              How to Draw a Perfect Oval Any Size - YouTube

              How to make an Oval - YouTube

              How to Draw an Oval
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                Gota give Steve Good credit. He has a download program that does just what you want. That is...if you want what his program does. It makes an oval with your text in it. Go to Scrollsaw Workshop
                and see allllll the wonderful stuff Steve does there.
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                  Hi everyone. Once again to all who gave advice and especially for the links. I followed one ling that gave me Steve Goods video on making an oval in microsoft work and it worked a treat. I can now make ovals to any size and any width. I then use word art to make the name and with a little bit of juggling it works fine. I managed to make quite a few signs before yesterdays craft fair and I sold every one so thanks again to everyone for helping me out.


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