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Thanksgiving Trivets?

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  • Thanksgiving Trivets?

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have any Thanksgiving Trivet patterns they know of?
    We are having folks over this year I thought some nice trivets would help dress up the table.


    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your request/question.
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    Here's a trivet I put together for you, hope you find it of use.
    [cut the black - the grey will be the timber - ignore the logo when cutting]
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    Only Robinson Crusoe could get everything done by Friday!


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      Here is one i made. Not really sure what you were looking for. I thought of a turkey but it was to much trouble. lol Here is a little more basic one. Hope it works for you.
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        Here are some more possibilities from my pattern file. Hope they help. Sorry about the late posting but I have not been on line for the last few days.


        3 holiday trivet patterns CWWC - nov 2010 - p. 22 Wayne Bosler III

        maple leaf SSWC - fall 2004 - p. 21 John A Nelson

        3 simple leaf shaped trivets SSWC - fall 2003 - p. 52 Marie Bain

        3 trivet patterns - rooster, fruit, tea pot CWWC - jun 2009 - p. 56 Billie Holm
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          Thanks to all that posted.

          These suggestions will keep me busy.

          Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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