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    anyone know where i can find good scroll saw patterns,, jeff zafino has dissapeared. and i have cut almost every advanced pattern out there,,getting bored. please help.. cut all of mikes scroll saw patterns as well

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    Contact Charles Dearing. He is on face book and on Steve Goods site.
    Scrollsaw Workshop Community -Please register to enable posting. - Index
    He has some excellent patterns for sale.
    Dan in So.Ca.


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      I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your request/question.

      Check out Kevin Daly's site.

      Scrollsaw Patterns Online
      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
      Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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        Can anyone tell me where I can find wood patterns for golf hole in one patterns? I have been on this computer for 2 hours and have not found one. My e-mail address is
        [email protected]


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          Dan, Steve Goods patterns are free, he just asks for a donation once in awhile


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            Not sure if Tom Mullane is still about, but he has some good challenging patterns on his site
            Perhaps email him first, to make sure he is still monitoring the purchases

            Only Robinson Crusoe could get everything done by Friday!


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              Scroller LTD has some good golf ones.


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