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Quilt pattern for scroll saw

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  • Quilt pattern for scroll saw

    My Sister-in-law is a quilter. I remember seeing some patterns in one of the scrolling magazines for a quilt pattern to be cut on a scroll saw. Does anyone remember whicn magazine and the issue.

    Tom Sevy in Salt Lake City

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    Tom there is a Country Charm Quilt Square pattern in Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts issue 38.
    Some Wooden Quilt Square Mini-Boxes for the Scroll Saw, and a few 30" quilt designs in the Scroller's catalog
    Scroll Saw Patterns Plans Books & Blades for your projects - On Sale at Scroller Ltd.
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      I have the quilt patterns from Scroller. It was a very fun project, and have done a few more in different variations. If you look in the intarsia section here, you can find one that I posted with pictures. Might be 3-4 pages back. Think I posted it in July.


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