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    Hi All
    does anyone know where i can get a pattern of a couple of square dancers??? I would like an Intarsia pattern but any pattern will do. We have an excellent caller for our group and I would like to do a piece of woodworking as a gift for him.

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your request/question.
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    You might get a little better response to this request if you posted a picture of what exactly you were wanting, I'm sure someone would be happy to help.


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      Sorry for the delay GWheeler, but Irene cut into my computer time. Here you go...Square Dancers and fiddler...from pages 40-41 of John A. Nelson's 1998 book Super Simple Scroll Saw Clocks published by our very own Fox Chapel.

      You will have to join the two parts to make the picture or you can just cut the dancers. If you want it to be a clock you will need a mini-clock to fit the 1 3/8 flat bottomed hole. If you don't want the clock, don't drill the hole. I cut one for square dancing friends in 2004 from 3/8 stock, glued it to a 1/8" plywood backer painted light blue, and made a simple half-lap frame from 1 1/4" wide by 3/4" thick stock to hold it. I did include the clock.

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