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Pattern Requesting Guidelines

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  • BobD (Archive)
    Let me add one thing to this for the designers.

    If possible, can you upload a thumbnail as an image file and the PDF? That way people won't have to download the PDF to see if they like the design.

    I know it's an additional step, but it would really be a benefit to the readers!

    Best regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor

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  • Jediscroller
    started a topic Pattern Requesting Guidelines

    Pattern Requesting Guidelines

    Please refrain from requesting copyrighted materials for patterns (examples include Disney, NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NFL etc) or other's copyrighted patterns. Please note, that this includes actors/actresses and the like (in many cases, even their image is protected).

    If you are looking for a particular pattern, by all means, feel free to inquire as to where it may be available from but do not request the illegal sharing of patterns.

    Requesting a pattern - If you have a photo that you would like a pattern made from, you can attach it directly to your post (provided it doesn't conflict with the above). If the photo is too large to attach, post your request and indicate that you have a photo you would like made into a pattern. You could then e-mail a designer (or a few) with the original photo so that they can work on your pattern.
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