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Creating an outline in Photoshop CC

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  • Creating an outline in Photoshop CC

    Hi, its been years since i've scrolled and i've forgotten how to use photoshop cc 2015 to create an outline for an existing silouette like what i have attached. is there a tutorial available?? thanks.

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    In photoshop, use the magic wand with a tolerance of about 20%, and click on the black which will select the whale. Which that selected, click the icon to create a new layer, click that new layer to highlight, then in the menu find "Stroke." In the stroke option, select black, and you will need to experiment with the pixel width which will vary depending on the size of the image. I would start with 3. Make sure you select "Inside" on the stroke options.

    You can then Hide the original image to see your end result.

    I've attached what I did using this approach. I did have to touch it up a little since the whale had some "Holes" in it.

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      Edited . . . This originally contained a link to my initial attempt at the tutorial, but I wasn't happy with that version, so I re-created the tutorial and reposted and updated video below.
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        NovaScroller, I re-did the video. It think this is more straight forward. Let me know if you have any questions:
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          There is an option in the filter set for making outlines, Ive used that often to make outlines on things like leaves and patterns.

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            thank you so much for the help. :-)


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              ah, i found it under "filters". its trace contour.


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