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  • 3D-Compounds

    Try as I might, I cannot figure how to design 3D-Compound figures, can anyone help or point me in the right direction please, I am talking mainly about the ones that have a different figure on two sides, e.g. a knight on one side and a dragon on the other. Thank you.

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    I've cut several of these, and experimented design wise with a few simple ones out of curiosity. Trial and error are the best teachers, and remembering to leave enought "meat" that your pieces won't fracture at a critical joint. Good luck!
    Linda at


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      Hi woodman51

      I have designed a number of these and here is what I have learned.
      First treat them as 2 separate cuttings, not as a 3d object. Each one has to be a plan or face view. Do not try to tilt or angle the subject at all.
      Second try to have one side as smooth as possible. When there is a lot of zigs on a side and you look at the other subject it is harder to see what you are looking at due to different light reflections.
      Other than that if it doesn't look right after cutting try flipping the pattern to face the other way, that can make a difference on how they fit together.
      Good luck and let us see some of your patterns.
      PS I have been trying for years to come up with a good horse pattern to no avail, anybody have one they want to share?


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        Thanks for the responses, I thought it was would either be easy or hard, now I know, explains why there are not many out there, cheers anyway.


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          The two subjects must be the exact same height.
          You can start by searching silhouettes.
          Make a jig to hold and clamp the wood slug.
          Halfway through the cut tighten the clamps.


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