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  • Best Software?

    This question has probably been on here before but here goes. I want to start converting pics to patterns. What do you recommend/use? I am looking at Corel Paint Shop, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Anyone using any of these in the latest versions? Is so what is your option of it?


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    Best Software

    Well Norm, I don't know what to tell you. I am new here and wondering myself.



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      Do not use any of the ones you mentioned. I use Gimp and Inkscape. Both serve me well. Both are free downloads.

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        I'm with Larry. Gimp 2.6 is better than the newer 2.8.
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          I use Inkscape for the simple patterns I do. It is good for all patterns, just I am not advanced enough to do anything beyond simple. Maybe one day.
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            Gimp 2.6 is great as well as Inkscape. Both are free and there are free tutorials on the internet to help you. Travis at SSV has a series on both for free.



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              I use Inkscape to create my patterns, using the Bezier Function. It is very difficult to use in-app functions alone to create patterns, or line art to build patterns from.

              I created an easy to follow (hopefully) tut.

              Creating patterns using Inkscape - Sunlion PyrographyCreating patterns using Inkscape - Sunlion Pyrography
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                Sorry, I don't know your fist name, thank you for the tutorial. You did a great job explaining the steps you took, and I am wondering if you wouldn't mind posting the tutorial somehow so I can print it on my home printer.

                When I tried to print from your site, I get a warning that the function has been disabled. I am very bad on the computer, so I may very well be missing some kind of command /instruction on how to print.

                Thank you again for sharing.

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                  Thanks @theframer

                  Strange it wont DL, or Print from the Scrib panel. Will check that out.

                  Try this InkscapeTutsc - Download - 4shared - Steve Wright

                  Just checked and it will print straight from site, just not download, so above link be best to DL. (Will probably put a direct link on the site when I get time so people can DL a .pdf version at some point).

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                    quality patterns are made with photoshop.... I am using photoshop and adobe illustrator

                    sample pattern....
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                      Photoshop for me. -------Randy
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                        Sue Mey has a tutorial for Photoshop elements on her web site. Yesterday I downloaded it to try out. Last evening I made my first attempt at making a pattern from a photo, which came out reasonably good. With additional practice I feel that I will be able to produce patterns of my own.

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                          I use Pattern Wizard. Been using it for years. It's technically for Stained Glass (which I use to do) design but it works equally well for Intarsia and I would imagine for fretwork also.



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                            Hi ABlade,

                            There is GIMP 2 and there is also Paint NET they are pretty
                            good to use. Paint Net is very easy simple to use and where
                            GIMP 2 has a lot more you can do with it. I have been using
                            theses for years. Every time I use them I find new things I
                            can with them. I hope that helps.

                            Cheers Graham.


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                              This question comes up frequently on the forum.
                              To answer it first ask yourself - what type of pattern do I want to produce?

                              If you wish to produce a line drawing from an image where you are tracing on top of an existing picture to obtain a result similar to that found in a children's coloring book then a vector based illustration program is going to be the easiest route to follow. Programs such as Inkscape (free), Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Xara Designer are ideal for this purpose. The same programs can also be used to produce a line drawing pattern from scratch.

                              If you wish to produce a portrait type of pattern by manipulating an existing photo image then you need to use a bitmap based image editing program such as Gimp (free), Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro.

                              Note - more and more vector illustration programs and image editing programs are drawing closer to one another and often in the higher end commercial programs it is possible to produce both types of patterns albeit with some effort, but generally speaking it is usually simpler and easier to choose one or the other type of software which is more specific to your pattern making needs.

                              Free or commercial, these two types of software programs tend to operate similarly within their functions and having learned one particular software program , whether vector or bitmap based, it is relatively simple to switch to another of the same type.

                              Tutorials abound on the web for both techniques and here on the forum you can find many in the Sticky threads listed at the top of this particular section.
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