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  • coyote stencil shop 3

    hello all, i just recieved coyote stencil 3 for making my own patterns and designs, any tips or feedback from people using this would be greatly appreciated

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your request/question.
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    I haven't used V3 but I use V2 and like it a lot. It took some playing around to figure out how to use it. There are some things i don't understand but i''ve worked around my stupidity for 50 years and am used to it.
    Wichita, ks


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      thanks fred ive been plating around with it i got a picture figured out going to start it tonight


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        Lefty, you've had the program since March... how's it going?
        I don't care to go into the reasons I did not like version 2, but I'm curious if in the time since you first posted that you could give more feedback on the usability of version 3 of the Coyote Stencil software.



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          coyote 3

          I have the coyote 3 and really like it, the best change for me is the edit in preview mode, that is really a great feature. The trace part of the program ia also very interesting although I haven't had time to completely master it yet, there are a lot of changes that make it much eaiser to use, in my opinion.


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            im still playing around with when time permits, ill have my first project finished from it soon, doing a portrait of me and my wife, figured a few things out about using it , my computer illiteracy keeps getting in my way, i do have a friend that owns a portrait studio coming over to check it out and give me some tips


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              Mac equivalent for coyote?

              We are confirmed Macintosh people and don't want to install a PC program for the usual reasons. Does anyone know which of the Mac graphic programs do stencils?
              Thanks, Judy Peterson


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