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  • Gimp Or Inkscape

    How many on here use gimp or inkscape ? ....cj1

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    I have used Gimp for awhile.

    I use an old program to draw the final pattern by for portraits Gimp cleans the photo up easy and quick.


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      I use Inkscape to cleanup and resize all my patterns, but do not use it to create them.


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        i use gimp too clean up pictures,but uasaly get patterns through pattern request,
        have never used inkscape
        not doing much
        and busy doing it

        having fun making sawdust.


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          I use Inkscape to create patterns and like it. Most of my patterns are fairly simple, though.
          Dan H

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            I use Inkscape to create all of my patterns. My last one was 3 layer lighthouse with a combination of segmentation, 3d & fretwork. Because of the # of layers that I was creating, the software would lock up or close without warning. I learned to save often.
            I have been looking at buying Coral Draw, but everytime I save the money for it then something else happens that uses up my funds.


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              I use inkscape. I wish it could dimension parts. You know, attach a ruler to a line, show a radius, etc. Just showing a box containing the complete part doesn't quite do what I need. Unless I overlooked something in the manual.

              May need to spring for a commercial program to do that.

              My sawdust gallery


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                Curious as to why you ask the question. Is it just because they are free open source programs?

                I've used Inkscape to develop some simple pattern drawing tutorials posted here on the forum - but I prefer to use Xara Photo and Graphic Designer which I've been using under various names for years and its my favourite vector based illustration software - in fact for a very modest price I've just updated to the latest version the past week.

                I've tried Gimp several times but don't like its floating palettes arrangement so prefer to stick with a version of Photoshop Elelments I received bundled with my last piece of hardware purchased.

                @Ron - one vector based program I've tried in the past which does include dimensioning tools is CanvasX. Its similar to Inkscape to use but a lot more powerful and very robust. Well worth a look if you want to stay with vector graphics rather than moving over to an Autocad type of program
                Jim in Mexico

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                - Albert Einstein


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                  I like both. Gimp for portraits,and inkscape for fretwork and word art


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