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Inkscape tut #9 - slicing/printing large pattens

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  • Inkscape tut #9 - slicing/printing large pattens

    Hi folks - For Bob in Whitby*

    When it comes to slicing large images into multiple page sized chunks for printing on small format printers Inkscape is less than user friendly. In response to a question from Bob here's a simple workaround I've invented to allow relative newcomers to Inkscape to simulate this technique.

    Tried and tested, it works pretty well and isn't half as complicated as most of the actual slicing methods Inkscape gurus use.

    Try it and let me know what you think....

    Inkscape Tutorial #9 - slicing/printing large images - 20 Mb download runs approx 20 min

    If you have any questions please shout in the thread

    have fun!

    * Whitby? - and here's me thinking I was doing this for a fellow Brit from the North East coast - ah well, I suppose I can take second best - LOL!
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    Jim in Mexico

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    And again ....thanks!!



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      Jim Moss and Inkscape users:

      Background: I watched Jim's Inkscape tutorials the other day. I was excited with what I saw relative to the simplicity of basic line pattern development. I proceeded to download this free Inkscape application. For my current basic pattern needs I am currently using an early version of Corel Draw and when I print large patterns it automatically breaks the project into the required number of 8.5 x 11 pages which I tape together and then copy sections of the big pattern so that I can print working copies to cover all of the pattern pieces for cut out etc.

      My test: I put a big basic pattern in Inkscape and discovered that the print capability covering more than ONE 8.5 x 11 sheet was not there. I asked Jim if I was doing something wrong. This tutorial is the result of what I thought to be a simple solution like user misunderstanding. WOW!! What a response.

      Conclusion: I fully followed your tutorial Jim. Great job. Now I just have to work a real pattern and apply your instructions. I will do this as an exercise and as I think you said this file can be saved for use on other printouts. Although I find Corel Draw a bit cumbersome for pattern development, considering the fact that I already have it, and it tiles with a mouse click, I have to decide which way is the best for me. Thanks again for all of your help which I am sure will also greatly assist others who use Inkscape to develope or modify those "big" intarsia patterns. Maybe some day Inkscape will have this full printer capability.
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        Hi Bob - thanks for the response - your question gave me the opportunity to delve into Inkscape a little further and also demonstrate a point I made right at the beginning of these tutorials ie, you don't need to learn all the ins and outs of vector illustration software to be able to generally get what you need from the programs.

        I work very much on the philosophy of learning just what I need to achieve a task, when I need to learn more I'll do so but my aim isn't to become a computer graphics expert. Throughout these tutorials my aim has been to demonstrate simplistic approaches for scrollers to put Inkscape to good use and at the same time give them an understanding of how to think their way through tasks when using Inkscape and similar programs rather than get involved in all the semi automated 'choose a plugin or preset' techniques where the programs end up practically thinking for them.

        I've said in my tutorials that there are many ways in these types of programs to obtain the same end result. This walkaround is a good example. Rather than getting myself engrossed in working out how to slice up the image as Inkscape would have me do I took the approach of thinking what do I want to achieve and how could I go about getting there

        Many years ago I was introduced to the concept of 'lateral thinking', which a lot of folk on this board refer to as 'thinking outside of the box'. I know from the results I've seen in posts on the board that many scrollers practice this technique and I'd like to encourage folks in general to use this approach a little when using programs like Inkscape. Keep in mind that if the end result produces what you are looking for then the way you get there is less relevant. Sure, it helps if you can find a more efficient or speedier way to do things but the first hurdle to overcome is to get there

        This was certainly an interesting question you posed and I'm pleased to have come up with a result which isn't too difficult to master. As to whether you stick with Coreldraw or switch to Inkscape all I would suggest is that you use the program you feel most comfortable with to get the result you are after.

        Its been a pleasure to help out on this one
        Have fun and good luck with your pattern making endeavours
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        Jim in Mexico

        Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
        - Albert Einstein


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          very good method to print a big drawing. Thanks again


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            Download Problems

            Hi Jim: When I try to download your totorials, I come up with a blank screen am I doing something wrong, or is there another problem. Thanks Edward


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              I responded to your question in your other thread. Take a peek. It may help you.
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                I obviously missed something! Where are these tutorials -- I'd like a little more direction on my Inkscape efforts!

                Never mind - I just found them!
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                  Thank you so much


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