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Inkscape tuts 5 & 6 - clock face and 'woodimal' type figure

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  • Inkscape tuts 5 & 6 - clock face and 'woodimal' type figure

    Hi folks - In answer to a couple of questions I've seen on the board or have been asked about directly here are a couple more Inkscape video tutorials

    The first covers how to draw a clock face pattern and focuses on how to create circular frames and accurately position items like the hour numerals.

    The second, which is a fun piece I really like doing, shows how to create woodimal* type figures - i.e. animals or geometric shapes with text inside them

    These are simple patterns but once you know how to produce these patterns the sky's the limit for future works of art - or maybe for my fish-imal I should say the ocean's the limit

    Simple Clock face pattern

    Inkscape Tutorial #5-1 - creating a clock face pattern part 1 - creating a layout drawing

    Inkscape Tutorial #5-2 - creating a clock face pattern part 2
    - creating the clock pattern

    Fish with text

    Inkscape Tutorial #6 - deforming text inside a shape - a Woodimal* type of pattern

    Note - *Woodimal is a registered name created by Jim Sweet

    March 02, 2010 - Update for tutorial #6
    - reply #12 in the thread gives instructions for obtaining this effect after completing the tutorial

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    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein

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    Nice job once again I just have to watch it 10 more time to have it stick to my pea brain, but its fun to learn new stuff. THANK YOU!
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      Thanks Jim !!!
      Another great tutorial.

      Liberty Twp (Cincinnati), OH

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        Great tutorials, Jim.

        It's good of you to go to the trouble .
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          Thanks Jim.



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            Thanks Jim .You are making my life easier.Keep giving us more`s very good of you to sacrifice your time to help others.
            Carmel Sammut


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              Hi Carmel - this is definitely no sacrifice on my part!. My only real problem is keeping one step in front of you guys with Inkscape

              Just glad these tutorials are proving to be useful

              Cheers to all!
              Jim in Mexico

              Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
              - Albert Einstein


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                Thanks Jim
                I have been looking for some good design software and I just downloaded Inkscape this past weekend. Last night I figured out how to turn a digital photo into a sketch. Tonight I viewed the two clock tutorials (great info). Maybe I can get my next pattern quickly created - LOL. My last pattern took about 5 months to create and only a month to cut. Of course I only have about an hour each night to work on the pattern/cutting, but I want to spend more time infront of the saw instead of the computer.


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                  Thanks Jim,

                  I followed the clock's tutorial and made the same on Inkscape. I learned a lot tonight.



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                    @Tango - I agree with you, spent more time on the saw, less time o the computer. i hope these tutorials help in that respect

                    @Philou - Great work! You have past the next obstacle and will soon be an expert!
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                    Jim in Mexico

                    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                    - Albert Einstein


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                      Hello Jim,
                      Tutorial 6 is done :-)
                      My fish looks strange but it doesn't matter. I have a little problem : there is no "pause" button any more on the video, like in the tutorials 1 to 4, wich was very usefull to stop the video while I was doing the exercice.

                      I have a big question about drawing software : do you know if it is possible to create wood textures from wood pictures ? It would be very usefull to have as many textures than wood essences and to create a toolbar with these textures to fill in a "preview pattern".
                      I think that it is possible with GIMP, but it is a very big and complicate drawing software for a beginner like me.


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                        Hi Philou - ref the pause button in tutorial 6. I have checked it and it is working ok.
                        Try downloading the file and opening it up in your internet browser or use a free flash player like Swiff Player. If you have already downloaded it previously try downloading it again

                        Ref the wood texture. Inkscape is a little limited for newcomers in how you can use bitmaps. The program I use for drawing, Xara Xtreme, allows you to fill any shape with a bitmap image, so do programs like Coreldraw and Illustrator, however, here is one effect you can achieve easily in Inkscape

                        To produce this effect choose the Fish layer of your finished tutorial file and import into the layer any bitmap image - for example a wood effect bitmap from the web or a scanned image of real wood

                        The imported image will show as a rectangular bitmap

                        Place the bitmap 'under' the fish outline using the Object - Lower to Bottom option

                        Resize this bitmap so that it is a little larger than the fish outline

                        Select the bitmap and from the Object menu choose the Pattern> Object to Pattern option. This converts the bitmap image into a rectangle which you can now interact with.

                        Select the Fish outline and holding down the shift button also select the rectangle

                        Now choose the Path >Division option. this will cut the fish outline into the rectangle

                        Select the outer area of the rectangle and delete it. Voila!

                        In my tutorial you will need to move the eye and pupil to the foreground so they are above the fish body. Then go to the text layer and fill the text with white and no stroke. You could also get the same visual effect by moving the text to the fish layer and then cutting it out of the fish image using the same Division command - but once you do this it would be hard to edit the text afterwards!

                        Hope this helps you
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                        Jim in Mexico

                        Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                        - Albert Einstein


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                          Hello Jim,

                          it works !

                          Do you know if it is possible to create a wood texture toolbar ?

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                            Of course it works! hahaha!
                            Well done!

                            I don't think you can create a texture toolbar. What you could do is to create a base file with a lot of layers with imported bitmaps of different woods on the layers. Maybe 4 rectangles on each layer, which you have already converted to patterns. You would normally leave these layers invisible

                            Start your drawing on a new layer or layers and when you need a woodfill browse the layers where you have your bitmaps (converted to patterns) stored and copy the one you want to use. Then paste it into the layer you are working in.

                            Alternatively, and I think simpler. Keep your bitmap wood effects in a special folder on your computer and just import them into Inkscape whenever you want them.

                            Remember, the secret to Inkscape is to use some imagination and develop the techniques that work for you
                            Jim in Mexico

                            Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                            - Albert Einstein


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                              I just watched this tut and am wondering how you would add locking tabs as in a puzzle? Since jim Sweet retired and sold his woodimals to fc I have not found anyone able to make these puzzles for me Dale who makes puzzimals has become ill. Frieke is helping but she is having to learn how as well. If she has to learn I thought I'd give it a go as well. Can you save inkscape images as a file other than svg?
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