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?? GIMP and Inkscape Forums; User ratings?

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  • ?? GIMP and Inkscape Forums; User ratings?

    I did a Google for GIMP forums and Inkscape forums and got a few hits for each. Yes, I know these are two different creatures, but in both cases the documentations is slim, or presumes you have a depth of prior knowledge that may not exist.

    I hope it is permissible to compose a Post in this forum about forums for computer software.

    I was curious if anyone has joined, or can offer reviews, of which of these forums has the most congenial and friendly newbie forum from our scroll saw point of view.

    Just as an example of what I am asking about:

    one of the larger membership GIMP forum is:
    GimpTalk • Index page

    and (by Inkscape standards) a moderately large membership Inkscape Forum is:
    Index page •

    Has anyone used, joined, or found help at any GIMP or Inkscape forums or can suggest other forums?


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