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  • paint shop pro 9

    I just cant figure it out and I realy want to learn how to use it can any one help please.

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    Don't have it myself, but there are some videos tutorials on YouTube that should help you out.
    Here is a link YouTube - paint shop pro 9
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      thanks wood dog I guess I will have to practice for a while I need patterns for some cars seems like no one wants to do some of them its probably the size of my pictures or they are to hard to make a pattern to .


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        Our member Andy Deane quite a while wrote a PSP tutorial for use as a scroll saw pattern making tool.

        This is one location for Andy's posted tutorial, I don't remember if this is the most recent web location:
        Andy deane's tutorial for PSP
        Very heavy in the text write up, it is slow going. I hope you are not on dial-up Internet connection.

        For a small fee, you can order a PSP & Photoshop tutorial from Kerry
        How to Create Scroll Saw Patterns

        The Link to Kerry's web site is the web promo for his tutorial.

        Others have also written up tutorials using PSP 9, 10, 11, ....

        Aside: Read thru Andy's tutorial, then watch the YouTube Link Wood Dog provided, THEN re-read Andy's tutorial. It will make much more sense.



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          thanks guys I have been reading andys way of doing it its been helpfull but it does take a lot of practice I will keep trying I just dont know what to keep black and what to keep white thats the hard part.


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