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Two toy airplanes

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  • Two toy airplanes

    After posting images of my toy airplanes almost a month ago, I finally came around to updating the plans for the planes at least halfway good enough to share them. My computer still doesn't want to let me use my Inkscape so the plans are made old style by drawing lines in a photo program and saving them as 16-color gifs: Print at 100 dpi or as a full 8 1/2 x 11 letter.

    Curtiss P-36 scale 1/48 for 1/4 in. craftwood

    Same aircraft scale 1/36 for 1/2 in. craftwood

    Alternative fuselages for scale 1/48 and 1/36

    Japanese Ki-27 to go up against the Curtiss early 1941 over China.... or in the skies of the kid's room on Saturday mornings. Scale 1/48 for 1/4 in. craftwood

    Same aircraft scale 1/36 for 1/2 in. craftwood

    Instructions are pretty straightforward: Cut the pieces, glue the landing gear into the wing. Squeeze the stabilizer into the slot in the fuselage and fasten with some glue. Drill hole in center of propeller and use a woodscrew or a dowel to fix it to the fuselage. Finally screw or glue the wings to the fuselage.Detail or paint to taste.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
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    Great. Thanks for sharing.
    Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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      Thank you Ennobee. Do you have a picture of the finished plane?
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        They are in the 'work in progress' section where I originally.posted my build of the planes.

        The toys in the picture were the larger 1/36 scale versions build out of throwaway pallet wood that was more like 3/4 in. rather than the 1/2 in I designed the planes for. So I had to adjust the width of the slots by trial-and-error. However with only 4 slots, that was doable. It did not impact the overall look of the finished planes. So still wondering how a 'luxury' version in polished 1/2' white oak or mahogany would look like .

        As it is right now still too cold to go scrollsawing in the garage, yes, here in Texas, 40 degree is considered stay-indoors-unless-you-have-to-cold, my works in progress consist out of making lots of plans for toy airplanes. So here are three airplanes I did last week. Works in progress because I hope going out and cutting


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          update. I just found out that instead the 1/36 plans for the Ki-27, I posted the 1/36 plans for the P-36 twice. Just uploaded the correct plans.

          Still working on a vector-based Inkscape or PDF version.... provided I can finally get my Inkscape to work again.


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