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  • Turtle coin bank

    On a prompt of a fellow member of this forum about a year ago I designed a couple of little turtle ornaments. Recently another member asked about a turtle-shaped coin bank - you can't quite call it a piggy bank, I guess.... After some experimentation I enlarged and reworked the ornament and came up with this:

    The bank in its simplest form is made out of four layers of craftwood. However I included several 'upgrades' like an intarsia shell or moveable flippers. Since I never saw the need of buying a professional Adobe PDF maker, the plans are 8 Gif images. Each one should be printed on one sheet of paper (US-letter). So on your printer, select option: "Scale to full page-portrait' or 'print at 100 DPI'. You should be able to make the simplest version from the pattern on the first two pages. The remaining four pages are patterns for optional extras. Print and use according to your personal preference or whim.

    But most of all, enjoy...
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    Thank you for a creative enticement. You sure got my wheels spinning.
    Linda at


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