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  • Coin & Metal Cutting Jigs

    I thought Hotshot's post "Chinese Love Pattern and Scrollsaw Mania" was pretty cool.

    I have some jigs I designed for cutting coins and metal that folks might like that want to cut some the patterns he will be sharing. They are free to use and pass on as long as the designer credit remains.

    This one will handle coins up to a silver dollar:

    The underside is recessed for carriage bolts:

    Close up of the tip of the clamp on the edge of the penny:
    The clamp pattern in the pdf bellow is a compound cut. Fold it on the dashed line and apply it to 3/4" thick wood.

    Jigs for cutting keytags and other sizes of metal objects:

    Patterns for the clamps and jig bases shown:

    When I get some time, I'll try to find some samples of stuff I've cut with them and post some pics.

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    Pretty slick. Be be neat to see some of your work.

    "Ever Striving, Never Arriving"


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      Thanks Randy ... now, if I can just remember where I put the box with my samples!

      I print the patterns I'm going to cut in metal on Avery label stock. They stick very well to metal and don't peel off from the heat of cutting. When the cutting is done I dunk it in mineral spirits and let it sit a minute or two. The pattern just about falls off after that. I like the 'low odor' mineral spirits (in the metal can, not plastic).


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        these jigs will enable the drilling of small pieces too
        THANK YOU


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          You're welcome.

          Any idea why the other pics show as links instead of pics?

          Another tip:
          If you want to sand the surface of a coin smooth, trace the coin on a piece of 3/4" wood. Drill a 1/16" blade access hole and cut a little outside the traced line. Place the coin in the hole, then cut out 'plug' on top of it. You can now sand the surface of coin on a belt sander and press on the 'plug' so you don't burn your fingers.


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